Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 I've had Pahlish Typewriter Keys for a while now, but am only now getting around to wearing it.
 This is two coats of Illamasqua Nomad followed with one coat of Typewriter Keys.
 Nomad is an ...aqua...green?!  I'm not sure how I want to describe it.  It's definitely green.  A bit minty.  A bit seafoam-y.  But neither of those words really describe it aptly, in my opinion.
 I think these sunny pictures make it look like candy shell somehow!
 Application on both polishes was fine - Nomad being effortless and Typewriter Keys being surprisingly easy for a polish with irregular flakie-like shards of black and silver.  A shard or two tried to stick off the edges of my nails but I just gently pushed them back on with the end of the brush.
 I like how the pieces look relatively evenly disbursed across the nail surface!
 Typewriter Keys also has small holographic and iridescent shimmer bits as well.
 Pahlish can be bought on Etsy, here.
I used a coat of Gelous and a coat of Butter London's top coat over everything and it's nicely smooth except for just a spot or two.

16 dizzy comments:

I love this on you! It reminds me of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream :)

Wini - you are totally right!! YUMMY! Now I want some. :)

Nomad is beautiful! It reminds me a bit of ChG Kinetic Candy :) and the Pahlish you paired it with is perfect, makes me think of chocolate chip min ice cream... hmmm, summer can't come soon enough! :)

I totally agree with the mint chip ice cream look! It's a gorgeous combination. Typewriter Keys looks amazing.

I seriously LOVE this combo! I just bought Nomad, and have worn it 2x in a row now... I only need to get Typewriter Keys (who knows WHY I have passed it up til now!)

it's a gorgeous combo! I also have typewriter keys for a while now...I want to try it for a while but they always delay it...

I want ice cream now..

Yeah, aqua green indeed. And I love these glitters... awesome!
Rock ur Nails!

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Rock ur Nails!

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Anonymous - welcome back! I usually post anywhere from 2-4 times a week. I'm over-due for a new one!

I also see mint chip! I did one with For Audrey and Aquadaisy Me Too, but I much prefer yours :) tasteful and eye-catching!

So pretty together! I love Illamasqua! <3

It looks beautiful toghetter! I might need Typewriter Keys in my stash too. :D

oo this is a great color! It definitely reminds me of ice cream and the sparkles on top are a nice extra touch...like sprinkles!

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