Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 I got my new Lynnderellas this past week and I was really excited about them!  I still am.  :)  I decided to wear The Stars In Her Eyes... first.
 I started with two coats of a-england Elaine for a base.  Then I dabbed on a coat of The Stars In Her Eyes...  It was somewhat thick and the little tiny stars wanted to chunk together, making application a bit difficult.
 Look how pretty it is, though!  I love it.  I used two coats of Gelous followed by Seche Vite.  It was not entirely smooth, so I added a coat of Barielle Manicure Extender the following day, which made it more smooth and glassy.
 I was really happy to get two good days out of this, because the Lynnderella, Gelous, and SV combination does not usually last me more than one day.  The only reason I had chosen to use them in the first place was that I was in quite a big hurry.
I love the big star on my ring finger.  It makes me happy.

 Way too many pictures of way too pretty?!  Yes, please!
 This mani started with two coats of Milani Pink Flare.
 I was patient to let Pink Flare dry for a while before applying the next layer as I didn't want to have any shrinking or other problems.  I think I waited at least 30 minutes!
 Next, I dabbed on a coat of Rainbow Honey A Little Kindness.
 I used two coats of Gelous and a coat of Butter London P.D. top coat, to boot, letting some layers dry for a while in between.  It was really smooth in the end and I didn't have any shrink.  Hooray!
 I took these pictures in early morning sun that was very warm and golden.  In some pictures (several of the sunny ones) I have adjusted the "temperature" to try and reflect more accurately how the polish looks in most lighting.
 Also, you can't appreciate the full beauty of the purple-pink iridescent shimmer in A Little Kindness.  It's so very pretty in real life and looks more pinkish in these pictures.
 These are magical fairy princess nails if there ever were any!
You know I don't often wear light pinks, but this combo really has me pleased.

 I'm trying to think - I don't believe I've ever worn Dorothy Who as a manicure before!  Have I?  I know I wore it as a pedi a few years ago.
 This is three coats of China Glaze Dorothy Who.  It's a blue jelly loaded with tiny silver glitters.
 It's kind of amazing in all types of light.  I do just love the sparkle in the sunlight, though.
 Lots of pretty pictures!  Not much else to say about this beauty.  :)

Removal was actually very easy, too.  I always use the Target acetone "scrubby tub," but it came off super quick.

 I have to give myself credit here - this combo is really fun!
 I started with three slightly streaky coats of Essence Mellow Yellow.
 Then I added a careful coat of Candeo Zef.  I followed with a coat of OPI DS top coat and Butter London top coat.
 Zef is really thick, so I was worried about how it would apply.  I have to say, it actually did great!  The glitters nicely dispersed themselves for the most part and I really like how it turned out.  I used careful painting motions along with occasional dabbing.
 My friend at work pointed out that this color combination reminds her of the t.v. show Saved by the Bell.  So true!!
 I haven't done any actual nail art in a long time, but this type of look makes me feel like a cheater.  It's easy, awesome, cheater, lazy person nail art!
I think Zef will look fun over lots of colors:  light blue, lime green, lavender, soft gray.  What do you think?  I'm curious to see what combinations others come up with who have this!

 I needed a clean and simple mani the other night, so I chose Zoya Kristen.  I used two coats here, followed by Essie Good to Go.
 Kristen is always going to remind me a time not too long ago when I painted my nails with it, then dropped a bunch of cashews into the crack of my couch cushions, reached in after them, and immediately regretted it as my nails were not nearly dry enough to perform that kind of maneuver!!  That was a sad, late mani night for me.  But I can look back and laugh.  :)
 Now I'm wearing it for real, and I love this color.  It's so clean and serene.  Which brings me to the more important question:  what top coat do you like to use with Zoyas?!  I feel like I'm always asking and wondering this.  I'm yet to find the perfect one.  I used to use Poshe but I think it was not giving me the wear time I desire.  I've tried Seche Vite with mixed results.  Years ago I tried the Zoya Color Lock system (which was brutally slow on me).  I've done Out the Door, Orly In a Snap, and now Essie Good to Go.  I think I've only tried my beloved Butter London top coat with a Zoya once now, and have had bad results (on only one nail, oddly enough).  There might be others I'm forgetting.
Essie Good to Go did okay, but it's not that great for me as I had some shrink on both the tips and near the cuticles.  Maybe I should just thin it a little?  Thanks for any great ideas and recommendations!!  XOXO

 I was SUPER excited to get the Mario Dollish Polish collection recently (I'm not 100% sure it's called "Mario" but you know what I mean).  I had to wear Dyno-mite Yoshi first!!  I chose a dark green creme StrangeBeautiful from volume VIII to wear under (two coats).
 Let's see...I am pretty sure I used two coats of Dino-mite Yoshi here.  Then I used a coat of Gelous and a coat of Butter London top coat over everything.  It was smooth except for a few spots where the little white glitters were (they remind me of eggs!).  Those white glitters are very poofy and three dimensional.
 Okay, so this picture above?  It was getting ready to storm when I hurriedly snapped these pictures.  The sun got covered up there for a second, but I like how the gold and red little glitters are glowing.
 I can't help but realize that this mani could also easily double as a Christmas theme, however, being the major Yoshi lover that I am, I have to insist that it's perfectly perfect for anytime that you want to think about the cute little dinosaur or happy times playing Mario video games!
 Here are some bonus shots of the super cool Happy Hands Lolita.  I took these pictures indoors tonight, thus the lame lighting.  Also, the camera freaked out about the color.  It's a bright pinky coral and there is much more differentiation between the colors of the glitters inside - pink, red, and yellow - than what you see here.
 I used two coats of Milani Neon Pink Rocks! underneath a thick sort of coat of Lolita, applied in a combination of brushing and dabbing motions.  I topped it all with two coats of Gelous and a coat of Butter London top coat.
 I absolutely love Lolita.  It's so ridiculously pretty and I hardly ever say that or feel that way about a pink polish.  It's gorgeous!  I wish I had better luck with the formula, though.  I was probably rushing it because I had quite a few bubbles.
It still looks really cool, though, and much cooler in real life!  I know y'all are going to tease me about not seeing the bubbles, so I've already braced myself for that.  They are mostly near the tip ends and I'll willingly admit that these pictures don't exactly showcase them very well (which is FINE by me)!  :)

I ordered StrangeBeautiful vol. VIII from Lucky Scent, Dollish Polish Dino-mite Yoshi from Llarowe, and Lolita from Happy Hands.  You can click on the names for links, if you like.

 In this post you are getting two ways to wear Lynnderella Glass Houses!
 The first way I wore it was with Zoya Sloane underneath.  I used two coats of Sloane.
 Sloane is a deep vampy plum color and I love it for reminding me of Ferris Bueller!!
 Let's see, I believe I did two coats of Glass Houses over top.
 The look reminds me a lot of Fall leaves and Halloween candy all at the same time!
 Next is Glass Houses all by itself!
 I don't really imagine that Glass Houses is meant to be worn by itself (not that there are rules in nail polish), but I got the crazy idea to try it anyway!  I'm glad I did.
 I used four coats of it, the last two of which I used a combination of dabbing and painting motions.
 It was not perfectly opaque, but darn near close enough for me.  After I did this mani, I was unsure about it, but it did grow on me very quickly and I quite love it now!
 On top, I used a coat of Gelous, a coat of Pro FX top coat (that was very random of me and I remember why I don't prefer it because the brush is too big and the formula a little gloopy), and another coat of Gelous the following morning.
 It wore well for me for just about three days, which is terrific, and then everything popped off in complete pieces, which is a little disturbing but also good I suppose as I did not have to deal with regular removal, which I'm sure would have been a hassle.
 I wonder if it popped off that way because of my putting another coat of Gelous over everything later on after the Pro FX had dried.  But still, it held on like an iron champ for most of the three days!
Would you wear Glass Houses alone?  I really miss Fall in the north.  Thankfully it's getting to be just a little bit less hot here now, but we really don't get much of a Fall here in Florida.  :/

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