Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Here are the ever amazing swatches of Starlight and Sparkles' upcoming additions to the Mythological collection.  They will be available for purchase in Issa's Etsy shop here on Tuesday!  All swatches are shown over base coat but with no top coat (also, minimal, if any, clean up was used).
 Remember Unicorn Tears over black yesterday?  Well, here it is on its own, at three coats.  It did not need the undies, after all!  
 I'm sure Unicorn Tears would look amazing over deep purple, as well.  That would be a good way to conserve.
 This is two coats of Dragon Breath.  At first glance, I supposed this was a standard blue green sort of holo.  As soon as I put it on, though, I realized how really special and spectacular it is!
 It's almost an exact match for the color of my pool water!
 This has an underlying duochrome aspect to it.  It's not just a flat blue or blue green, but seems to shift ever so slightly depending on lighting and angles.
 Am I crazy?  Do you see it, too?
 Very, very cool!  This applied easily, as well, and has a great formula.  No bubbles or streaks.
 This is two coats of Unicorn Spell.  I have a weakness for "unicorn" anything, I must confess.  And throw in purple and I'm a total sentimental mush ball!  I had a purple unicorn with rainbows bed set as a child (and a beautiful wooden canopy bed).
 The base color reminds me of grape juice, sort of (both the drink and the China Glaze polish).
 This is an easy, beautiful, no-brainer purple holo.
 What's that?  You want MORE purple holo?!
 Take a look at Phoenix Fire!  I believe I used three coats for this one.  (Should have written it down!)
 It's a shifty red-toned plum purple that is really quite mesmerizing.
 See how in the picture above, it looks more burgundy at the ends of my nails and more purple by the cuticles?
 So pretty!  Love, love, love it!
 Again, I had no trouble with bubbles or application issues (as can happen with holos).  I tried to wait a little bit in between coats, but sometimes I was in a hurry to catch the sun and fortunately nothing bad happened because of it.  :)
 Okay.  So this is fanfreakingtastic.  Hence, I took a million pictures of it.
 Check out three coats of Phoenix Feathers.
 This one is a show-stopper, in my opinion.  In the bottle, you can often see a complete rainbow of shimmer!!  I apologize that my pictures fail to capture that.
 I also have to point out the obvious here and say that Phoenix Feathers reminds me a whole lot of my beloved and tragically very spendy Clarins 230!!  I did not do comparisons (sorry), but my guess is that 230 is more sheer.
 Just like with 230, I tried desperately to photograph the elusive green flash!  You can *almost* see it in the above two pictures.  Almost.  You can also pretty much see the rainbow effect in the bottom of the bottle in the pic just above.
 It absolutely glows from within, like it's lit by firey embers!
 I am in love!
 Last, but certainly not least, is Dragon Scales.  I am wearing three coats here.
 These first few pictures were taken during a thunderstorm.  YES.  I was not very happy about the sun situation.  It had not started raining yet, then, but was very dark and creepy out.
 I really like the dark pictures, but figured it would be unfair not to show Dragon Scales in full blazing sun.  So, I wore it on just four of my fingers all last evening and this morning (even out to dinner last night!).  If I'm honest...it's still on my left four fingers while all the rest are bare!
 Sunny pics from this morning.  This one is mainly a lush, rich green, but has hints of blue in the base, which make it all the more lovely.
 The shimmer is ridiculously pretty and alive, as you can see here.  I cannot decide if I love Phoenix Feathers or Dragon Scales more.
This entire collection is stunning and breath-takingly beautiful.  I am beyond impressed!  And I'm not just saying that because Issa graciously provided all of these to me for review purposes.  Holy cow, Issa!  You are making some deliciously fabulous nail polish!!  Way to go!  <3 p="p">
As I understand it, the holo polishes will be limited edition.  Also, I have missed swatching three other Mythological polishes:  Unicorn, Phoenix, and Dragon (which are color shifting top coats).  I will be sure to post those as soon as I can swatch them.

I actually have even more Starlight and Sparkles polishes waiting to be swatched and reviewed, so I hope you are looking forward to that as much as I know I am.  :)

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I'm amazed! So many tiny bootles of magic and wonder! I couldn't say which one hit me more because all of them are stunning! I'm mad about "dragon" something, you know, so... wow... On the other hand, this Phoenix Feathers is impressive!
Esmaltes, Makeup & Cia.

these are great polishes!!!

wow - love them all. So many pretties, and i love the unity of the polish names

Wow! These are so magical!

they all look amazing but i especially love Dragon Scales!

I like them all!! But Dragon Breath is my favorite :)

Does she have a Facebook page?

Nidia - that's a good question. I don't believe so, but you can contact Issa through her Etsy page here http://www.etsy.com/shop/StarlightAndSparkles#

Looking at my pictures again makes me want to wear them all again NOW! LOL

Thanks, I went ahead and set her a message!

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