Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 I bet you didn't think I was going to swatch this many awesome polishes, did you?!  Well, I even surprised myself.  I am not much of a swatcher, generally speaking.  :)
 These all started with a coat of base, a coat of Diamond Cosmetics Matte Black, a coat of the shown polish, and no top coat.  
 This is Star Jewel and holy cow, isn't is great?!
 It has that Peridot feel to it, only flecked out and uber foily looking!
 This is so stunning and very eye catching.  It's also quite smooth to the touch!
 Next is Splash Dream.
 Splash Dream shifts from purple to pink and is also very metallic and mega shiny.
 It applied easily and is quite a beauty to behold.
 It looks even more amazing in indirect light.
 Last up is Ever Blue.
 This one has a dramatic blue to purple shift.
 This reminds me of an old Sally Hansen HD polish, DVD.  I often had trouble with the formula on those, though.
 The brilliant metallic look to these three polishes is just breathtaking.
 If you like shiny, shimmery, metallic, glass-flecked, brilliant, shifty, bright, gorgeous colors, you will loooove these!
Thanks to Issa for providing these to me for review.  You can learn more about Starlight and Sparkles polishes here.

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As with all these polishes you are showing tonight, they are awesome! Very unique! :)

Hmm they look a bit like femme fatale cosmetic gem tone polishes but more sheer. I wished this kind of polish applies like it has a black base to start with.

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