Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 This is my current NOTD - Contrary Polish Bonfire.  I used two coats here, topped with Butter London's top coat.
 Bonfire is a beautiful, deep reddish orange with shimmery and glittery bits.
 My beloved Butter London top coat does not do as good a job smoothing out glitters as I would like it to - I could have used a second coat to really smooth this out more.
It's a simple but beautiful Halloween mani.  I love it!

 For this mani I started with two coats of Contrary Polish Santorini.
 Santorini is much prettier and more shimmery than my pictures let on.  It also dries matte, for what it's worth.  I added a coat of Two Birds Vel-awesome-raptor, followed by many coats of top coat.
 You might not be able to tell here, but the top coats were a total fail and gave me a zillion tiny bubbles (see on the ring finger below)!  I blame the Pro FX ultra fast dry top coat for that.  I believe I used a coat of Instant Artificials, two or three coats of Dior's top coat, then a coat of Pro FX (by that point I was amused that Dior was doing nothing to smooth the glitters, probably due to its watery texture, so I just slapped on the Pro FX hoping that its thicker texture would do the trick).  It did smooth everything, but at the cost of a million bubbles!  Truthfully, it didn't matter much since Vel-awesome-raptor's tons of tiny green and black glitters largely masked the bubbles.
You can find Contrary Polish here and Two Birds here.  Vel-awesome-rapter was generously provided to me for review purposes.  I am really enjoying Two Birds polishes and knew that I already loved Contrary Polish.  Great formula on both, and in the future I'll be sure not to mess with Dior's top coat for any polish with even the remotest amount of texture!!

 Are you ready for this?!
 This is three coats of Two Birds Shine by Night.
 Uh.....YES, PLEASE!
 This instantly reminded me of Across the Universe, but truly, I think this is cooler.
 My coworker saw these and squealed, "Green Hornet nails!" with delight!  :)
I used a ton of I don't know what exactly to smooth everything out, but clearly it was well worth it.  Application was somewhat tricky, as chunky glitters can be, but nothing out of the ordinary or particularly difficult.  I would probably opt to use dark underwear next time around, just to make the application a little easier (but then again, you likely loose some depth and groovy jelliness that way).

You can find Two Birds' unique and gorgeous polishes at their Etsy shop here.  Thanks again to Sarah for sending me this polish to review.  :)

 This post is going to feature a new-to-me indie polish called Two Birds.
 I started here with two coats of OPI You Only Live Twice.  It is a really beautiful and shimmery pink that leans red.
 The redness here freaked my camera out, of course, so you'll have to imagine that this is a million times prettier in person!  It's a very holiday gorgeous kind of color.
I then topped it with a coat of Two Birds Spun Sugar.
 Spun Sugar has big white glitter, small blue glitter, and tiny pink glitters all in a nearly translucent base.  I'm not positive if it's completely translucent or ever so slightly pink.  Obviously for this combo, it didn't really matter to me because of my pinkish undies!
 I love how it looks!  The glitters dispersed themselves really nicely and I think it's a cute mani.  :)
 I'm definitely going to have fun coming up with other combinations to use with Spun Sugar.
 What color would you put it over?
You can find Spun Sugar and other Two Birds polishes at Sarah and Sandy's Etsy store here.  Thanks so much to Sarah for providing me with this funky cool polish to review!

 I finally got around to wearing OPI Metallic 4 Life recently.  I did a coat of Finger Paints Black Expressionism as my base, then a coat of Metallic 4 Life, two coats of Seche Vite, and finished with two coats of Essie Matte About You.
I know that sounds like a lot of coats and a lot of nonsense, but it was really relatively quick and easy.  I did it kind of late at night, too, and was able to go to bed pretty quick.  That, of course, is the beauty of Seche Vite.
The bummer-oosky of Seche Vite, though, is that at a day and a half of wear time my polish began to chip and lift.  I knew it would happen.
For being such a relatively simple glitter polish, I really really love this.  It just plain makes me happy.  Go figure.
Here is a picture of Georgia lounging around on her couch.  It cracks me up that her tail is between her legs!
I would take more pictures of my other dog, Varekai, but she is not nearly as pose-y as that George!

 I've been feeling like wearing darker Fall colors lately, so it was only natural that I grabbed Barry M Red Black to try.  It did not disappoint!
 I used three coats here.  It was a great application and I had good wear.  I did mess something up to end up with a few bubbles within a couple nails (you can see them mostly on my pinky), but fortunately it hardly showed in real life, thus I was able to cope with it.  :)
Anyone else really feeling the vampies right now?  I'm also trying them more on my lips, too!

 This is Finger Paints Plum Startled.  I believe I used three coats here.
 It's a beautiful deep purple with iridescent shimmer.  What is not to love?!
I wore this about a week ago.  I think I have some catching up to do!  On that note, if you did not know, I recently started a separate makeup blog, featuring makeup looks I wear on a regular basis.  I equally love nail polish and makeup.  I did not want to turn DizzyNails into a makeup and nail polish blog (no offense to those that do mix pleasures), so I've started DizzyMakeup.  Suddenly I feel very shy about you all seeing my big mug!  Take a look if you'd like, but by no means feel obligated.  :)

 This is my first real Shimmer Polish success!  I really love this.
 I started with a coat of the Finger Paints black polish (I'm forgetting the name at the moment).
 Then, I added a coat of Natalie.  I believe I finished with Gelous and then Butter London's top coat.  It was not completely smooth, but very close to it.
 I'm sure this would look really cool over lots of colors!  I suppose my default base has become black because it makes everything pop out all dramatic like.  :)
 This reminds me of some cosmic acid trip or something.  It's so lively and zany!
Hooray for Shimmer success!  I look forward to trying the other polishes I have from this lovely indie brand.

 I recently ordered a bunch of Shimmer polishes from Etsy here.  I couldn't take it any longer, seeing such pretty pictures of them on other blogs!  All the glitter!  All the shimmer!  I love.
 This is two coats of Alice over two coats of Orly Shine.  I used Gelous and Dior top coat over that, but it was not smooth yet.  I ended up taking off this mani after a few hours because my right thumb got messed up and I was frustrated with a few other little things, but I'm definitely going to be trying Alice again in the future.  I don't know why, but I often end up disliking glitters over foils.  It's something to do with the appearance of texture.
The stars in Alice are a bit of a nuisance to me.  I had them on both my thumbs and the index finger you see here.  They are very pronounced and hard to smooth out with top coat.  I LOVE stars in general, but in this polish, I would prefer it without.  Overall, an extremely blingy and beautiful polish that I'm sure to love when I get it on in a better combination.  What's your favorite Shimmer polish?

 This is the lovely Phoenix Rising from Lippmann.  It's part of a new set called Rock This Town, and is apparently Limited Edition.  No wonder I love it so.  Never mind the ding in my index finger nail.  I bumped it before everything was dry enough.

 I used just two coats and finished with Dior's top coat, which is something new for me.  I've always wanted to try the Dior top coat and recently bought it.  I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.  I know I'm not a fan of the big brush...but formula wise, I need more time to fully evaluate it.  First impressions:  very thin and doesn't dry as fast as I'd like.
These pictures were taken on day two, and I guess that's why I have a small chip on my pinky tip.  Oh well.  At least I managed to get pictures at all!  Last week was kind of crazy.  Since I haven't said so yet, I'll say now that I really love Phoenix Rising.  It's shimmery and fabulous and I always enjoy a good copper.  The other two colors in the set look very promising as well!

 I wore this fun and bright mani very recently.  I did opposite accent nails on my hands - so, right hand was all Illamasqua Wink except for my ring finger which was Illamasqua Jo'mina.  Left hand, which you see here, is all Jo'mina except the ring finger, which is Wink!  I used two coats of each Illamasqua.
 You with me, still?  Then I did a carefully dabbed on coat of Lynnderella Early Halloween over every nail.  That was followed by a zillion top coats and it still wasn't quite smooth (I'm exaggerating, but you know how it goes).
 I LOVE the yellow flowers!  I got one on my ring finger and also on a thumb.  I didn't get any orange hearts out, but could see one in the bottle.  I really enjoy the surprise of something unexpected hitting your nail while painting with a Lynnderella.  :)
 Please, please, please pardon my sore spot near the middle finger.  I had a cuticle incident and have attempted to fuzz it out so as not to totally horrify anyone, but you can still tell it's red there.
Early Halloween is awesome.  I love it.  What color or colors would you want to wear it over?

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