Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

I started with three coats of $OPI Hell to the No, from the Glee collection. It's a grape-y purple with a fine gold shimmer.

Then I added a coat of pop Gold Glitz.

This is my first time using a pop polish! I found three that I liked at Ulta last week.

It seems that every Ulta is a bit different from another. I've only seen pop brand at one of the three closest locations to me.

When I first picked up Gold Glitz, I thought maybe it was green or at least partly green. Now I've decided that it is not. I think the holo sparkles and maybe just the exact tone of gold led me to believe it was greenish.

I love how the sparkles look in the bottle of the above picture.

Initially I didn't care for this combo, as I think the glitter overwhelmed the base color.

I grew to dislike it less over time, but really it's just not one of my favorites for some reason.

Also, Gold Glitz reminds me of one of the OPI Burlesques! Except that it has holo...and holo makes everything better. :)

The pop bottles are really big - I think just like strangebeautifuls'. I'm always a little worried I am going to knock this type of bottle over while I'm applying it, but they are rather impressive looking.

I just cut down my nails this afternoon and they are currently naked and waiting for inspiration to strike (and it needs to strike in the next few hours, truth be told).

I broke down. I swallowed my pride and bought some freaking Justin Bieber nail polishes. Good grief!

I used two coats of Nicole by OPI OMB!, a delightful candy-apple red almost metallic shimmer.

The red leans a little pink. It's quite stunning really. My camera kind of freaked out and these pictures don't represent the shimmer accurately.

The accent finger is an added coat of Hot Topic glitter (no name on the bottle). I also did an accent on my right index nail.

Let me say that I was highly wary of the new Nicole by OPI brush. I don't tend to enjoy wide or ginormous brushes.

I gotta say, it applied marvelously!! Cheers for the big brush! I am shocked.

The Palladio base coat, which I still completely adore, does allow staining, though. I have confirmed this as I just took this mani off tonight and my nails are looking more stained than normal. I don't actually care since I keep my nails painted all the time.

My dog Georgia just watched a commercial for the Bambi DVD. She was enraptured by it, I tell you! So cute. Anyone's dog(s) like to watch cartoons/animations featuring animals? Georgie watched Bolt from start to finish.

I'm all over the place tonight! Oh, and back to my red mani - I practically never wear red. It was a very strange thing for me to want to wear it. :)

Maybe a post-Valentine's Day kind of thing? I never did wear an actual Valentine's mani.

I finally got my wheel swatched with the remaining Estessimo TiNS polishes. :) Sorry that it took me so long!

As you can see, they are all three coats. No top coat.

Here's all of them again, just held at a slightly different angle.

I hope you enjoyed them all! For those that didn't read my first post regarding TiNS, I ordered these all from a site called Doll Up Nails. I am not affiliated with the site, but did have a great experience and would recommend them highly.

Hello! This is my latest pairing: Sephora by OPI Mash Up topped with Celibacy Club.

I started with three coats of Mash Up.

Mash Up is a really beautiful silvery gray duochrome with lots of shimmer.

I topped it with a coat of Celibacy Club, which is from the mini kit. It's your standard small silver holo glitter in a clear base.

Mash Up has a really pretty shift into green, purple, and pink!

It's definitely similar to Lippmann's Wicked Game and Wet 'N Wild fastdry Gray's Anatomy, but adds the interest of tiny silver shimmer.

I tried really hard to capture the beauty via many pictures. It's not a strong duochrome, but gorgeous and noticeable nonetheless.

I'm still rocking the Palladio Fuse basecoat. I cannot say enough about how awesome it is. It's actually weird getting used to my manicures lasting more than a day or two!!

If you didn't read my previous post mentioning it, you can get it pretty cheap at Sally Beauty Supply.

Did anyone else spring for Glee polishes?

I don't watch Glee, but goodness, most of the colors in the polish collection are really pretty!! I am quite pleased.

I hope you all have a terrific weekend! Sid and I are going to Tampa and Clearwater Beach tomorrow, so that should be fun. :)

Here is the polish I'm wearing right now, TiNS The Summer Night Rules.

I used three coats. It's a dark gray jelly filled with tiny silver glitter.

It reminds me a little of OPI My Private Jet, although I realize there are distinct differences.

The brush was just a bit wonky, but nothing major.

I think I originally expected this one to be a true black, but it's definitely gray.

I still haven't taken the time to swatch wheels with the rest of my TiNS! :(

Hopefully I can get it done soon.

A couple of days ago I was having indecision about which polish to try next. A lovely MUAer suggested that I try a new Sephora by OPI Glee polish. Great idea! I randomly picked a dark blue.

This is Sue Vs. Shue, from the mini set (and it is a color exclusive to the set).

It was great in two coats.

It's a lovely navy blue shimmer and I adore that it's distinctly blue, yet almost black (in some lighting).

Forgive the awkward poses - it's hard to hold that mini bottle in a sexy way! :)

I enjoyed wearing this gorgeous blue, despite the fact that I didn't layer anything snazzy on top!

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