Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

This mani is straight off of MUA's Nail Board. Nail Board rocks!!!

Two lovely girls (nrahman1993 and MeganChair) came up with this combination of polishes, so a huge shout out to them for their genius! :)

I started with a coat of the purplelicious jelly wonder that is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Purple Pizazz.

Then I added a coat of OPI Last Friday Night.

Next, another coat of Purple Pizazz.

Then, a coat of the magical Clarins 230.

I finished with two coats of Poshe (it wasn't drying fast enough with one).

I had, much to my relief and joy, NO VNL at the tips!!! Hooray!

I hate when the tips shrink back when I'm wearing jelly polishes. *shudder*

The picture above is one of my favorites, shown in a bit of shade outdoors.

I wasn't able to capture the uber cool green shimmer of Clarins 230, but it did show itself on special occasions for me.

If you don't own Clarins 230, don't despair! This combo looks really rad even just with Purple Pizazz and Last Friday Night - I promise!

I definitely think I'll be trying more jelly/shimmer/glitter combinations in the near future.

I really love how this looks and wearing it has made me so happy!

What has been one of your favorite manis or combinations you've worn lately? :)

I leave you with another favorite, last picture. ZOMG rainbow in my bottle!

This was from a couple of days ago. I had put it on, kind of in a hurry, late at night. I might not have added the Crackle except that there was this weird little piece of nail sticking up from out of the middle of the polish on my one thumb nail. I had to cover it somehow!

I used two coats of $OPI My Personal Serpent and then cracked it with China Glaze Medallion Crackle. My Personal Serpent is very opaque and I think I could have done just one coat had I been more careful.

I did not wait very long at all before putting the Crackle over (and didn't use top coat over My Personal Serpent), and it was kind of an interesting experiment!

Some of the cracks were epic and the most beautiful I've ever had - most, in fact! A few were really lame, though (like my pinky here).

It was a worthy experiment, in any case. I know I've heard from many that metallic/shimmery Crackles/Shatters work better for them over wet polish. Seems like it could be true for me, as well!

This mani features Sephora by OPI Frankly, I Don't Give A-dam and OPI Silver Shatter.

Frankly, I Don't Give A-dam is shown at two coats. It's a really pretty (and seems to be unique in my collection) medium gray with a pinch of lavender.

The application was great, too!

I like how the Shatter turned out. This was the first time I let the base polish dry on its own without any kind of top coat before Shattering it. Dry time on FIDGAd was really quick!

While I always enjoy Shatter/Crackle manis with tons of contrast, I am really loving this tone on tone, too!!

I know many of you might be tired of Shatter/Crackle. I, however, clearly, am not. :)

Here is the stunning Picture Polish Racy Raspberry, shown at two coats with no top coat.

It's such a juicy, ripe, delicious shade of red! It applied most perfectly.

The red is a bit on the cool or pink side. It totally freaked out my camera, so I apologize that the pictures aren't completely color accurate.

I'm very impressed with the formula here! I can't wait to try my other Picture Polish shades!

You can order their polishes here.

Thanks so much, piCture pOlish!!

This manicure features Illamasqua Baptiste and Sephora by OPI Traffic Stopper Copper.

I used two coats of Baptiste, which applied perfectly (of course!), and a thick-ish coat of Traffic Copper Stopper.

Baptiste is gorgeous. Traffic Stopper Copper is gorgeous. What's not to love?

I topped everything with a coat of Out the Door top coat. I haven't used this much yet and am trying to decide if I like it. First off, it was not doing a good job quickly drying the thickness of the glitter polish. Eventually, I gave up and added a coat of Poshe over everything. Within minutes, all was well and dry (enough to sleep, at least).

The end result? Super shiny, very hard, extra smooth beauteousness.

Here are the newly glorious nubs! I wanted them to feel super fabulous, so I picked Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop for them.

I used two coats and it is shown without top coat here.

For being so glitter-packed, it is actually rather well-behaved in application.

The hardest part of application, as you may imagine, is being mindful of the tips, where the larger glitter pieces like to hang halfway off the ends. :)

When that happens, I usually take the end of my small nail file and just gently push them all the way onto the nail.

Candy Shop definitely makes me happy, even if it feels like it's missing some beloved square glitters.

I decided to mattify it! I used a coat of Gelous, a coat of Poshe, and then a coat of Essie Matte About You.

They are quite smooth and even.

The overall effect is somewhat matte yet shiny all at the same time.

I did end up with some shrink at the tips, which you don't see in these "fresh" photos. I think it was probably inevitable, since the base formula of the pink polish is a jelly. I can live with it, though. It's really quite minor.

Well, originally I had planned to get Candy Shop and Forget You (which is my current pedi) when then came out separately. When I saw the Lippmann "Get This Party Started" trio set at Nordstrom last week, I kind of caved. I'm a sucker for those "value of" signs!! Makes me feel like I am saving money somehow. :)

A couple of days ago I broke my right thumb nail. I panicked. So, naturally, Crackle was involved.

I trimmed and filed down the offending, broken thumb nail, then put China Glaze Tarnished Gold Crackle over everything. Somehow it eased the pain (not physical pain, thankfully)!

The base polish is Butter London Wallis.

I really like how this turned out and I have to say that I LOVE Tarnished Gold Crackle. It's so super pretty, especially in the bright sun. It has silver shimmer mixed in with the gold, which makes it both special and gorgeous.

Can I first just say how much I heart you all?! I can't believe that there are over 500 followers on DizzyNails. This completely blows my mind and is humbling and exciting all at the same time. Thank you thank you!! We've come a long way, baby!

So, I finally did change my mani. This is Butter London Wallis, shown at three coats. I probably could have gotten away with two.

Wallis is a Nordstrom exclusive color available now.

It's a beautiful blackened olive shimmer with striking gold accents.

I do not think this flatters my skin tone in any way, shape, or form, yet I could not care less. I'm very pleased with Wallis. It makes me think of antique brass or something.

Those crazy caps are so huge and reflective. See my entire patio, pool, and the lake out back in the picture above?

This last picture was taken indoors, just to show any differences with color in the artificial lighting.

Sarah, if you are reading, here are some quick tips on how to wrap your tips when you have very short nubs! I apologize in advance because I do not have any demonstrative pictures for you. What I recommend it to carefully wrap your tips in at least the last coat of color as well as the top coat. You may not want to do all the layers (base and all the coats of polish) as it's hard to get much of anything on the ends when your nails are really short. Also, you are going to make at least a bit of mess - this is a given. Keep something handy for quick clean up. I like to use the Sephora nail polish corrector felt-tipped pen or just now I am getting into using a brush and acetone clean-up method with the ELF concealer brush. That way, when you splotch the polish onto your skin you can just tidy it up right away. Another tip that may help is to just be purposeful in how much polish you have on the brush when you go to wrap the tip. Try doing it with just what is left over from after you painted the main part of your nail. Then, hopefully there won't be so much on there that you are prone to getting as much on your skin.

Let me know if this is helpful at all. I will make a point to try and do a more thorough tutorial with pictures the next time I'm rocking short nubs. :)

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