Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Okay, Nation!  This is it!  The finale swatch post for Starlight and Sparkles.  It's a doozy!
 All swatches are shown using a coat of base, a coat of Diamond Cosmetics Matte Black, a coat of the shown polish, and no top coat.
 Oak Evolution is a beautiful green fleck shimmer.
 It looks like little tiny pieces of crushed glass.
 This is Silver Moon Crystal.
 It looks mostly pearly and silvery over top of the black, but also has a subtle element of soft pastel kind of colors due to the iridescence of the flecks.
 It's really delicate and pretty.
 I found the formula on these particular polishes to be slightly thinner than all the previous ones I had swatched and/or worn.  I did not have any application issues, however.

 This is Flame Sniper.
 It shows bits of plummy purple, pink, and orange in the little flecks.
 By this point in my rather epic swatch-a-thon, the sun was getting lower and not favoring me as much for my photos.  I had a hard time finding my best angles and I apologize for that.
 Just imagine me running all around the edges of the pool and various spots out on the patio area, trying to find the best light!
 You can pick out the complexity of shimmer and colors below, in indirect light.  It kind of reminds me of Orly Rococo A-Go-Go, with the warm plum and hints of orange.
 Next is Silence Glaive.  I am not a Sailor Moon fan myself (tell me, am I missing something really great?), but I'm sure those of you who are will appreciate all the Sailor Moon themed polishes shown here!
 Silence Glaive has lovely blurple shimmer and teeny bits of...I want to say orange.
 The overall effect of this one is subtle yet gorgeous.
 Here I was really fighting the sun!
 One of these days I hope to have a light box or some other really great set up for taking pictures indoors.  For now, I rely on the generally present and cooperative Florida sun!
 Aqua Rhapsody is loaded with beautiful aqua blue shimmers.
 I always love a good blue!
 The combination of the blue flecks over black is just fantastic, too, if you ask me.  Blackened blue, anyone?!
 Now you can see the shimmer pop out more in less direct light.
 It's just so pretty!  I absolutely adore it.

 Last, but not least, is Love and Beauty Shock.
 Love and Beauty Shock has lots of gold toned flecks.
 They look like antique brass over the black!
 It's really sparkly and beautiful, that's for sure.
 How terrific is it in the shade?!
I really enjoy how evenly and smoothly the shimmers and flecks apply.  I had no trouble or difficulty with any of these polishes in terms of formula and application.
Thanks for taking this shimmertastic journey with me and I hope you enjoyed Starlight and Sparkles polishes as much as I have!  In my humble opinion, they are well made, special and worth a look.  I can't wait to see what Issa creates next!

You can find Starlight and Sparkles on Etsy, here.  These polishes were graciously provided to me for review purposes.

5 dizzy comments:

and now I'm stuck with the sailor moon-theme in my head... :D

:O <---- my face when I saw those polishes! Beautiful pictures! What do you classify them as, shimmer? Flakies?

ANDABRI - I know! They are so stinkin' pretty!! I can hardly stand it. :D I would call them glass fleck shimmer.

wow that is a really accurate (and poetically beautiful) description.

Anda Bri - thank you so much! I think I was getting mentally tired by the time I wrote this post, so I was worried that my descriptions weren't going to live up to the beauty of the polishes. I'm glad to hear that that is not the case! :)

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