Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Hello, friends!  I'm sorry for the delay in posting.  I'll partly blame my new favorite top coat, Butter London Hardware P.D. Quick Topcoat, as it's actually prolonging the wear of my manicures!  I'll tell you more about why I love it in just a minute.
 First, let's take a long look at Dior Poison (two coats), my chosen underwear for this mani.  Poison is a luxurious, velvety deep purple with a very subtle, near-hidden micro shimmer.  It's almost black, which of course means I love it right away.  Application was fine despite the huge brush which I am not keen on.
 What did I put on top?  A polish that I was starting to think would never be in my possession:  Lynnderella Kabbalah Bracelet from the Sweet Somethings for a Summer Solstice collection.
 I used a combination of dabbing and sweeping motions to get a coat of it on top and actually had no trouble with the application, much to my surprise!
 To get it all nice and smooth, I used two coats of Instant Artificials and then two coats of Butter London's top coat.  That's a lot of top coat, but it dried relatively quick, I am happy to say.  And the best part, or should I say parts?!  It was shiny, smooth, had no bubbles, no shrink, and lasted a whopping three days for me!!  This is absolutely fantastic for me, especially with a Lynnderella mani!
 Holy wow, Kabbalah Bracelet!  I am madly in love with this polish.
 So, why did it take me so long to get on board the Butter London top coat train, you might be wondering?  I've actually owned it for quite a long time.  I bought it from Ulta a while back with the base coat, as a promotional deal.  I excitedly did my next mani (which happened to be RBL Pizzicato) using both the BL base and top, and had awful, terrible results!  I immediately wrote off both the base and top.  I threw the baby out with the bathwater!!
 A couple of weeks ago, my friend at work was telling me how she had just bought the Butter London top coat (and base, I think) and really loved it.  That made me wonder enough to try mine again.  I'm so very glad I did!  I've been using it since, with nothing but great results.  I wish it dried a tiny bit faster, but honestly, I can put up with it since everything else is so perfect, so far!  Thank you, Stephanie!!  The base and I don't seem to get along, so I've saved that for swatching only.
 I'm not talking much about Lynnderella and the surrounding controversy here in this post because, well, I just don't feel the need to say a whole lot about it.  I want to say that I was beginning to feel certain that I would never get the summer collection.  I was, however, lucky enough to stumble upon it on Ebay a few weeks ago.  I bought the collection and then had a full-on freak out because I was so excited and in disbelief!
 I've seen it more and more on Ebay since then, so I'm glad that it's hopefully more available to those that do want it.  I know international folks are still pretty well left out, though, which is not fun at all.
 The cost for me ended up being a little over $20 a bottle, which, while it's not a bargain, I do feel is worth it.  I love these much more than Chanel, which cost even more.
 Anyway, I hope those that like glitter can appreciate this mani.  If you don't like glitter, or bars, or Lynnderellas, then I hope you can wait for my next post, which is of something different.  And I do hope you don't mind that I will keep posting Lynnderella manis as I wear them.
 That reminds me!  I finally just got my polish stash properly re-sorted!  I had some help from my mom and dear best friend.  Thanks so much for that!  My polishes are now all organized by brand again, and it's going to be much easier for me to find things and keep my collection organized.  Hooray!
 I just need to get the drawers of my Helmers labeled so I actually know what is where!
 Thanks for stopping by and enduring lots of pictures and lots of rambling.
Georgia thanks you!

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Wow...Dior Poison is AMAZING!! You've also got me very intrigued by the Butter London top coat - it sounds perfect!

kittytokaren - I freaking love Dior dark purple polishes! They never fail me. And the Butter London top coat is the closest I've come to perfect. It would be perfectly perfect if it dried as fast as SV (which I think is impossible) and was dirt cheap. HA HA HA! But I'm very happy for now. It's wild to have manis last me three or four days!

Pretty mani! Georgia is GORGEOUS!!!

:) oooooh please post stash pics!

Love the Dior, is so beautiful! :D
I'm glad you could snatch a set of the new Lynns. I'm not into her 'new' collection. I wish I could have gotten my hands in some of her older stuff u.u (Forget You Not and Boy Girl Party are my biggest Lynn lemmings, agh!)

I look forward to see what you're up to next :)

Wow Poison is gorgeous and love that you paired it with Kabbalah Bracelet! Fantastic combination!

wooooow that top coat!!! i dont have words :D:D

Okay--I'm dying over this and have to have the Dior--but I can't tell if it's the newer Poision from the Les Violets Hypnotiques collection or the 2008 Sephora exclusive LE Bleu Poision. Because in your photos it looks more blue than purple--which I'm loving.

Anonymous - it's the newer Poison! I hope that helps. :) I think the photos here are pretty accurate but as you may know, purples often photo more blue than they are in real life. :/ In any case, this newer Poison is a wonderful polish and I'm very happy to have it!

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