Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 I decided to be lazy and swatch Starlight and Sparkles polishes Unicorn and Phoenix together, alternating fingers.
 For these swatches, I have used base coat, one coat of Nails Inc. Black Taxi, and a coat of either Unicorn or Phoenix.
 Unicorn is on the index and ring fingers while Phoenix is on the middle and pinky.
 It was getting ready to storm, but I actually think that this type of light brings out the shift very well in these polishes!
 Unicorn shifts from green to blue and Phoenix shifts from red to gold.
 These polishes applied easily and with no trouble at all.
 I was so pleased at how bright and lovely they are!
 These pictures show the red to gold shift in Phoenix quite nicely!

 Now, I hardly ever use my flash.  I kind of hate it and I'm not very talented with the camera.  But check out what it did to the colors!!
You can find Starlight and Sparkles polishes here.  These polishes were provided to me for review.

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These are lovely! :)

I have never even looked at Etsy before. This morning was my first time. I snatched up the Dragon Pheonix and Unicorn top coats AND three of the actual polishes, I think they were Dragon Scales, Unicorn Tears, and Pheonix Feather. I HAD to have them. I cannot wait! Also, I spent like an hour and a half looking at all the Indie polishes. OMG! ALL. THE. AWESOME. GLITTER!!!

SKelly - you made some excellent choices, in my opinion! Etsy polishes can be so much fun. There are so many I don't even begin to pretend I can keep up with them. I love it, though. Lots of options these days!

If you buy this top coat, do you need a specific base coat to create the effect, because the top coat looks neutral in the bottle.

Anonymous - as I mentioned in the post, I used a coat of base coat, a coat of Nails Inc. Black Taxi (any black or dark polish would do), then a coat of either Unicorn or Phoenix (alternating fingers). They definitely would not look so cool without a dark base. Hope this helps!

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