Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 This is one of Nikole's latest creations via Hare Polish.  Cosmo Blossoms!
 I used two coats here and it applied really well.
 The base is a milky, ambiguous sort of gray that at times looks a bit lavender and/or even pink-ish.
 It's got loads of lovely green glitter!
 I really, really head-over-heels adore this polish!
 Not long after I took these pictures, I experienced slight tip shrink that left me reeling.
I don't think I'd necessarily want to use underwear in the future (although the right soft gray or possibly even nude polish would likely do the trick), but if I didn't do that, then I would need to be sure not to use a quick-dry top coat to avoid the dreaded shrink.

This polish is not for sale to the public at this time, sadly, but stay tuned to Nikole's tumblr for updates and Hare info!  You can find it here.

 This is such a pretty gray!!!  It's two coats of Zoya Carey.
 I love this because it's not just gray.  At times it looks blue, then lavender, and even almost mauve tinted.  Hard to explain or believe until you wear it and see for yourself!
Do you have it?  What do you think?

 This is two coats of Zoya Bevin topped with one coat of Lynnderella Shape Shifter.
 I had a few more bubbles than I care for with this mani.  Thankfully, it wasn't too noticeable in person.
 I love Bevin and Shape Shifter is pretty amazing, so I thought they made a good pair.
Some of the shapes I encountered with this mani:  butterflies (a few!), stars, hexes, bars, a moon, and a diamond.

 This is my borzoi Georgia.  I often call her just "George."
She loves to sunbathe.
 The above picture is not very recent.  I can vouch for her having more majestic and fluffy neck hair now (almost like a mane).
 She's an absolutely crazy lunatic dog, but I do love her so.
Varekai, the eldest borzoi, would be a little jealous if I didn't include her picture here, too.  She's my cream puff sweetheart doll-face.
 And this is A-England St. George!
 I used two coats topped with Seche Vite.
 I couldn't think of St. George without immediately thinking of my George....Georgia, that is.
 It's one hot polish.  It applied effortlessly.
It's not the blingiest holo out there, but I really enjoy it.  Glorious!  Majestic!  Just like my borzoi babies.

 This is a mani I did using two of the mini Sephora by OPI polishes from the LE Betsey Johnson set.
 I used two coats of Too Too Turq and three coats of Yellow My Name is Betsey.
 They both applied and wore very well!  I kind of wish I could get these in full sizes.
What you can't quite see here is the lovely green shimmer in Too Too Turq.  YMNiB is a creme.  I did a yellow index finger on my right hand, if you were wondering.  :)

 This is the mani that never was.
 I started with two coats of Illamasqua Elope, which is a dreamy Crayola green jelly.
 You can see in these pictures how it dries shiny yet almost a little bit matte?  It's kind of strange.
 I love it.  It's just perfect.
 Elope was meant to be a base for the new Hare polish called Asteroid Turf, which you see below.
 You also see Pretty & Polished Old Skool, which comes into play in just a moment.
 I carefully layered a coat of Asteroid Turf over Elope, but was not satisfied with the results.  It was a little too streaky somehow, so I quickly slapped on Old Skool to try and lessen the yeeuugh.
 These pictures don't look too shabby, really, but in real life I just couldn't swing it.
 It freaked me out, plain and simple.
No top coat in any of these pictures.

 This is likely to be the last orange post you'll see from me in a while.
 I like orange, don't get me wrong!  I'm just going to be taking a break from it for a while after this recent marathon of sorts.
 Here is the last polish from the Sephora + Pantone polish set:  Tangerine Tango Cream.  I used two coats and found it be a cross between a jelly and a creme finish.
It's really shiny and squishy.  Also, it is extremely vibrant and lively.  You can see only faint hints of VNL, which is fine by me.

 This is two coats of Sephora Torrid Shimmer (kind of a silly name) and then two coats of Pretty & Polished Inked over the ring fingernail.
 I did the same accent on my right index fingernail.
 I rushed the coats of Inked, so it could have been smoother had I been patient.  Also, an extra coat of top coat would not have hurt that nail, either!
 I think the purple and the orange make a lovely pair.
 I'm also glad I got a set of these cool chunky glitters from Pretty & Polished!  I'm sure to have lots of fun with them.
If you are getting tired of orange, take heart - the end is near.

 Orange you glad the orange never ends here at DizzyNails?!
 This is two coats of Sephora Burst of Mango Cream topped with a coat of Sephora by OPI Spark-tacular! Top Coat.
 Burst of Mango Cream has a touch of pink to it, which I fear is not showing rightly in these pictures.  I'd call it a cross between tangerine and coral.
 I adore my Spark-tacular! top coat, but I'm not going to lie, this isn't my favorite pairing for it!
 It reminds me a little bit of my famous "clown barf" mani from a long time ago where I used Lippmann Happy Birthday over Illamasqua Ruthless.  I'm reluctantly posting a link here.  This could be orange clown barf...or caliente clown barf...but really, it's not as bad as the original clown barf.  Nothing is!
Okay, okay, so this isn't bad at all!  Just not OMG I love it so much I can't stand it.  :)

I added bottle shot comparisons of China Glaze Riveting and Sephora + Pantone Tangerine Tango Shimmer to my previous post here, for those interested.  They are very similar!

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