Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Hey hey heeeeyyyy.  This is MAC Fierce Entrance with Givenchy Bronze Précieux.  I used two coats of each polish.  Application was great on both!
 This was my first time doing a two-finger accent mani, as such.  I liked it!
 I think Fierce Entrance is a really stupid name, honestly, but I adore this color.  Love love love!  Bronze Précieux is not as golden olivey awesome as it looks in the bottle, but it's still very nice.  I'm always drawn to dark olive/khaki/army green kind of colors, despite them not looking too great against my pale pink skin.
Please pardon my dry skin here and my absence as of late!  I really need to step it up!

 Here are a few pictures of my one and only Marc Jacobs nail polish, Petra.  I used two coats here.
 It applied easily but didn't wear so well (I blame that on one of my infamous top coat experiments).
The shimmer in it is really pretty and flakie like!  Tiny golden flakie shimmers.  Petra is kind of ambiguous purply gray super metallic and shimmery.  Sorry the lighting is weird in these pictures.

Do you have any Marc Jacobs nail polishes?  What do you think of them?

 Rainbow Honey just released a brand new collection of 15 polishes called "The Final Battle."  They were generous enough to send me three mini polishes to review here.
 This first one is called Phoenix Down.  I have layered one coat over a coat of black polish.  I used top coat and base coat in all of these pictures.
 Phoenix Down is super cool!  It's got loads of good stuff in it and applied very easily.  I love the combination of white shards, red squares, and the iridescent bars that look blue over the black!
 Check out the teeny tiny little bar glitters, too!  So cool!
 I'm sure this one would look really great over lots of colors.
 This is the second polish I got and it's called Hellfire.
 Here I've layered it over one coat of Illamasqua Scarab.  I was going to use black again, but then noticed that Hellfire has tiny little black glitters in it.  They get lost in the mix, I'm afraid, but I still like how this looks over blackened red.
 Do you see the star on my ring finger?  This one applied very easily, as well.
 I love the red squares and the gold bars...and pretty much everything going on here!
 Last up is Emerald Weapon.  I did two coats of it here.
 It's super pretty and shimmery!  Ignore the one random blue glitter on my ring finger (if you see it) - that was lurking in my top coat and has nothing to do with Emerald Weapon.  Oops!
 This one applied very easily as well.  I'm happy that it only needed two coats.  It's a very lovely shade of blueish green.
Overall, I am impressed, as usual.  I'm probably going to be ordering the entire collection because it looks fantastic!  You can check it out at Rainbow Honey's site here.

This review is my own honest opinion.  I am thankful and appreciative to Rainbow Honey for allowing me to be a part of their blogger review team.  :)

 This is three coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Perfect Pear-ing.  I got it on sale at Target a few weeks ago along with a few others.
 Dare I say that this is a crelly!?  I don't think I've ever used that term before, but it totally came to mind as I was applying this polish.  It's not as opaque as most cremes and definitely has a slight squishiness to it!  What say you?  Crelly or no?
 I love this color.  I find it to be rather unique to my large collection of minty colors.  It's more spring green and lime green than most mints but still has a distinctly mint feel to it.
 The application was easy, though I was kind of annoyed to need three coats.
My wear time sucked with this one, but to be fair I have been playing with my base and top coat combos lately, so more than likely that is to blame versus the actual polish!  I believe I was wearing the Dior Gel top coat here, which absolutely did not dry quick enough.  I'm still testing it out in various ways, though, so I haven't made up my mind completely on it.

 This here is China Glaze Deviantly Daring.  I used two coats here and had no problems with application.
 Any time I use this type of polish, kind of metallic duochrome, I am always a little more cautious and careful than normal, just to avoid unnecessary brush strokes.
 Funny thing about this color - I loved swatches online (and still do), and I even think my pictures are really pretty.  Somehow, in person, it fell flat for me.  I don't know why!  It just felt kind of BLAH.
 Am I crazy?!  Has anyone else felt this way about Deviantly Daring?
I think I probably also expected it to be more duochrome than it really is.  In person, it only has a very minimal flash to it.  Nonetheless, I think it's a great teal polish.  If you like teal, I'm pretty sure you'll like this!

 Oo.  Hey.  Sorry for the quick 'n nasty pictures here.  This is Color Club Halo Hues Beyond.
 I only used two coats here.  No base or top coat!  And it wore very nicely for about five days!!
 While it's not super holo or gorgeous in indirect light, it's still quite nice.  I love how quick and easy these are.  I wore Cherubic on a visit to see family, which made for a very easy mani change while away from home.  They apply great, dry quick, and last well.  Yay for Halo Hues!!!!
 Now this is my first time wearing a Jin Soon nail polish.  This is two coats of Azurite (with base and top coat).  It's a lovely deep blue with a relatively subtle holo effect.
 It's gorgeous!  I love it!
 This one didn't wear too great on me - I forget why.  I've been doing too much experimenting lately with various new-to-me top coats and even bases.  I think I just got some tip wear (bordering on a chip) that annoyed me, so I changed after a couple of days (that's not uncommon for me with very dark, saturated colors).

I also got Obsidian from the same collection.  It's a multi-colored sparkly black polish.  I'll be excited to try that one soon!  

Sorry I've been so slow with my posts.  I am really going to try to pick up the pace a bit.

 Here is my first mani using an Emily de Molly glitter polish!  It's called Super Vixen.
 I used OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls for underwear here, then added a coat of Super Vixen.  The glitters were surprisingly easy to work with.  I used mostly painting motions with some dabbing.  I suppose I could have got more large circle glitters if I had gone fishing for them.
 I'm still really happy with how it turned out!  Also, I used two coats of Gelous topped with Butter London top coat after all the polish.
For whatever reason, this mani chipped for me at the end of about 24 hours, in a chip-prone spot for me.  I would have enjoyed wearing it for longer than that, I'm quite sure!!

 I wore this fabulous and most sparkly manicure for about a week!
 I started with two coats of Orly Luxe, then added just a coat of Lippmann Glitter And Be Gay.
 I needed two coats of Gelous and then used my Sephora X top coat over everything.
 I am very pleased with this and I think Glitter And Be Gay is going to be really rad over lots of polishes!  The base is slightly tinted yellow, though, so you'll want to take that into consideration for layering.
 And if you are wondering, like I was, about the small glitters that look really dark, almost black, then I am here to tell you that they are in fact blue.  They just look black at certain angles.
 I think it might be a darker blue than the blue used for the larger hexes.
Also, if you haven't taken the time to fully drool over the holographic rainbow-y awesomeness of the bottle (see bottle just above), then please feel free to look over the entire post yet again!  I'm most fond of the third picture and then this one right above.  :)

For a chunky glitter, Glitter And Be Gay applied very easily.  I was careful and cautious, but the glitters dispersed themselves really evenly.  I did use occasional dabbing motions, but by and large it was painting.

 I've been having weird luck with my manis lately - some lasting a good, long time and others chipping within a day.  Here are two of the unlucky ones!  This is Deborah Lippmann Let's Go Crazy.  I only needed two coats of polish, and it applied very nicely.  I did, however, use two coats of Gelous over top, plus top coat!
 It was super smooth and shiny.  I had a little bit of tip shrink (which annoys me to no end), but it was hardly noticeable in person.  I would definitely like to wear this again, and hopefully for more than a day.
 This is one coat of Rescue Beauty Lounge Dead Calm with one coat of  Rainbow Honey Mt. Moon over top.
 Dead Calm applied very nicely, but was a bugger to clean up since it stains and clings to the skin so much.
 Mt. Moon has a really lovely duochrome shift from blue to purple.  I don't think my pictures here captured it all that well.
 With the random flakey white bits, it was almost a galaxy nail type of look!
I was also sad that this one didn't last well on me.  Beautiful, but short-lived.

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