Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 This is three coats of Nicole by OPI Just Busta Mauve.
 It's one of the new, Target exclusive colors this Fall.
 It's a really interesting and complex color that is super shimmery and gorgeous.  What on earth, I ask, would you call this color?!  It's not really mauve.
 I love the blue shimmer in it!  It also has a multichrome aspect to it that I find really wonderful.
I see pink, blue, copper, bronze, brown, burgundy, orange, and silver - I think.  Very cool color!!!

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I'm not sure what it is either except "really cool." Also... I keep getting "Bust a Move" stuck in my head because of the name of the polish!

I really like it! Definitely going to make a trip to Target!

This is probably the most unique polish I've ever seen from NOPI. It's really complex and beautiful!

Copper Boom! (Gilmore Girls reference)

Definitely shouts for fall what a stunning polish

I'm also at a loss of a color to accurately describe this polish. I vote we just call it "awesomeness" and move on :)

looks awesome on you! hopefully we will be getting this one (i don't see how because there is no Target here, but I can hope! :p)

I was on the fence about this one until I read Amy's Gilmore Girls reference...Now I need it!!

oooo, I have seen that several times and I drool each time. This is one that Might look better in the bottle than it looks on me, though! Looks FAB on you!

This is really unique!! What a pretty color and interesting texture! <3

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