Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 This is my first Pretty Serious polish!!  I'm so excited!  It's two coats of Viscous Vampire.  Great application and wear.  These pictures absolutely do not do this wonder justice (as is the case with many a red).  It's definitely red but it also has this super beautiful pink chunky shimmer!
Holy hotness.  Such juicy goodness!  I DO LOVE THIS.  Sorry I didn't get very many good pictures at all.  If you love reds, though, you will need this, in my opinion.  I ordered it with a few others from Llarowe.

 For this mani I used Color Club Raspberry Rush and Essie Beyond Cozy.
 I did three coats of Raspberry Rush.  It's candy scented - slightly obnoxious but it did fade within about a day.  It's a super bright and cheery neon pink.
 For Beyond Cozy I only needed two coats, but I did top with Gelous before my top coat.
 I liked that this was kind of fun, summery, and a little unexpected for me.
 And here is another one for you!  Rainbow Honey Tessie.
 This is two coats of periwinkle perfection.  I cannot tell you how much I adore this color and it's pretty soft shimmer.  It's more purple in real life.  Think right between purple and blue.  These pictures make it look far too blue.
 Tessie just makes me happy.  It's such a soothing, comforting color for me.
 The formula was thick but easy to work with.  Check out the shimmer in the bottle below!
I'm debating if I should get a full sized bottle of this one, assuming it's still available!  I probably won't, just knowing how much polish I have and how much is untried!  But dang, this color kills me.

 These are only bad news nails because I quite literally received some very bad news while I had them painted this way!
 Bad news aside, because we like to keep ze blog fluffy and pretty and full of glitter, sunshine, shimmer, and win.  :)  This is three coats of Nicole by OPI Yellow, It's Me topped with Candeo Sprouse.
 I used mainly painting motions with Sprouse, but did dab a little, as needed.
 A coat of Gelous under my top coat smoothed things nicely.
 I love this combo.  It's fun and a little funky.  I wish more blue bits had come out to play, and I almost don't like the silver glitters, but all in all I love the look.
The coppery pink shimmer in Yellow, It's Me is totally fab.  You can see it extra in the picture above because I must have snapped it just as the sun was going behind a cloud.  Hmm...  I guess the sun wouldn't really go behind a cloud.  The cloud would go in front of it.  Yeah.

This wore for a solid week on me!

 How many times have you seen me wear sheer nail polish?
 And how many times have you seen me wear one coat of a sheer nail polish?!
 This is Deborah Lippmann Fairydust, and you guessed it, I am wearing just one coat of it.
 I was lucky enough to score this brand new tester for free (yaaay Nordstrom and thankyouverymuch!) and was super excited about it.  It's such a pretty shimmer and I may or may not be a True Blood fan (okay, yeah, I am).
 Despite it being a tiny bit streaky, I actually think it looks quite pretty this way.  What do you think?
Here's a picture in blazing hot direct sun.  Oh, and as a bonus, I needed a really quick and easy mani the morning I put this on, and Fairydust served me just perfect for that!  I wore this mani for about five days, as I recall.

 This is two coats of Illamasqua Pink Raindrops.
 The formula was just slightly thick, but still easy for me to apply.  I made sure to wait about five minutes between the first and second coat.
 I love how pretty and almost nude this is on me!  My dear father actually noticed this mani and complimented me on it.  That means a lot - he's usually very quiet about my nail polish.  :)

My wear time on this was a little less than expected.  I wore it for about three days, I think, before I had a decent sized chip.  

I love the delicate iridescent shimmer!

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