Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 For this mani I used Orly Lucky Duck and Illamasqua Mottle.
 I used two coats of each and both had very good applications.  For the Mottle fingers (index on my right hand) I am pretty sure I used a coat of Gelous under my regular top coat.
It's sad that I'm that far behind on my posts that I can't remember for sure!  :(  All the more reason to post more frequently and catch right up!  :)

 This is three coats of China Glaze I'm Not Lion.
 Application was easy enough.  I did opt to wait a couple of minutes between coats.  Also, I followed with Gelous and then top coat.
 I only wore this for a couple of days before it chipped - pretty standard for me and heavy glitters.
 How stinkin' pretty is it, though?!  I can't get enough!!
I looooove this one.  Love love love it.

 This is two coats of Sephora X Perplexed.
 It's a metallic steel color with gold shimmer - or should I say small gold glitters?  Large shimmer...small glitter.  Something like that.
 The gold - whatever it is - has a lovely twinkle to it.  Very magical in person!
 My pictures don't really do this polish justice.
I did not get super amazing wear time on this X polish, as I had had with Deranged.  I believe it was around three or four days (still good for me, but not out-of-control-awesome).

 Here are a few super sunny pics of Butter London Thames!  I am getting so uncreative with my post titles.  Sheesh.
 This was two easy coats.
It's kind of emerald, borderline teal (or, at least, blue-green).  I like it!

 This is three coats of BB Couture for Nails Frosty Meadow.  Pardon the hair on my pinky nail!
 This applied easily and was nearly good in two coats.  I used Butter London's top coat and then added Sephora X top coat after that, just for extra smoothness.
 I can't say for sure, but I'm guessing that adding in the Butter London top coat ruined my somewhat magical Sephora X combo, because it chipped and peeled the first day.  How sad!
It was gorgeous while it lasted.

 Here is Illamasqua Purity.  It's even better in person!
 It looks just a little paler and fleshier in real life - but is still quite different enough to be a real peach and not nude.  I adore this and got many compliments on it.
 I am pretty sure I only needed two coats.
 Next is Essie Pretty Edgy.  I want to say I only used two coats of it - but it might possibly have been three.  My memory - not very good!
 You can see from my junky looking bottle that it's old and needs more shaking (although I shook it quite a bit!).  My pictures, fortunately, do not show much of the bubbles I had in the polish from shaking it too too much just prior to applying!  D'oh!  It was still a pretty mani that I very much enjoyed.
Thanks for looking and I hope you have a great weekend!  :)

 This is three coats of BB Couture for Nails Redwood Forest.
 Yummy, shimmery, fabulous greeeen.  Application was easy.
 The shimmer is blueish.  Do love!
I used my Sephora X base and top coat.  It wore well for at least three days.  I can't remember the exact wear time, but I've not been disappointed with the X base-top combo yet, save for the one time I tried it with Zoya polish.  Hooray for longer wearing manis!  Also, I love how the X top coat is super shiny and stays very shiny for a long time.  I don't love the texture of it - kind of thick and tricky, but worth the trouble, I will say.

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