Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 How on earth has it been 10 days since my last post?!
 I blame illness, retail work, and the Holidays.
 This here is three coats of OPI Speak for Your-Elf, a mini from the Ulta Holiday set from - I want to say - last year.  I did another Sephora X experiment by using their base and top coat with this mani.
 Results?  HUGE success!  I'm on day seven currently, with only tip wear!  This is so cool.
 Ah, this was my previous mani, which I didn't really get any proper pictures of.  I used NerdLacquer Don't Panic (green) and Data Squirrel (red).  It was my glittery funky Christmas themed mani.
I hope you are all doing well and had a great holiday (if you celebrate)!

 I don't think I'll ever tire of Lynnderella Happy Holo-Daze!  I found myself craving it recently.
 Here I dabbed one coat over one coat of Cult Nails Nevermore.  I used three top coats in total, but it was gorgeous and smooth like glass.
I was very happy to get three days' wear out of this mani - much better than I had expected!  :)

 This is my second go at a Sephora X nail polish mani.  I used two coats of Ice Princess here.
 Ice Princess is a mix of highly reflective and metallic goldy-green shimmers as well as larger chunky pink glitters.  It's a bit thick, so application does require a little extra care.  I didn't feel the need particularly to clean up, though, so that's an added bonus.
 It's quite textured, as I'm sure you can see.  I used three coats of Sephora X top coat (denying Gelous so as to be a Sephora X purist and hope for nine days of amazing wear) and it still was not smooth.  I can't do more than three top coats.  I just.  Can't.
 Check out how insanely metallic and mirror-like it can be!  And also how chunk-tastic, below!  I kind of loved and hated it, all at the same time.  The shininess kept winning me back, though.
 My pictures don't capture it, but the gold shimmer actually shifts green in person.  It's really quite interesting and unique.  You can almost see it below.
 As much as I would have been happy to have worn this for nine days, it was not meant to be.  :(  It started chipping - fairly big chips - in about a day's time.  I tend to have quicker and bigger chipping with glitter polishes in general, so I'm not totally shocked.  I was definitely sad, though.
I did not wrap my tips at all here, because they are so short and with the polish being chunky, it just didn't seem like a good idea.  Maybe that is why they chipped fast.  I do wonder if Ice Princess could work better and last longer layered over something else.  It's fairly opaque, so whatever it's going to be put over will likely only barely show through.

 Here are a couple of Holiday manis I've worn recently.  I've been in the mood for Christmas colors!
 This is two coats of Rainbow Honey Annual Emotion.  I used a coat of Lynnderella Happy Holo-Daze! for the accent.  Pardon my application because I didn't clean up one bit and I did this very late at night.  I also skipped my base coat - I can't remember the last time I've done that.
 Next is three fingers of Zoya Logan!  I snapped these pictures right as I was taking it off to change it.  I had already removed my pinky finger.  :)
 This was two coats of Logan.  It's very similar to Ivanka, but a deeper green and definitely feels more like Christmas to me.
Both of these manis only lasted a day for me but they were fun and pretty while I wore them.

 I was so excited about how well the Sephora X mani wore on me that I decided to do an experiment using just Sephora X base coat and top coat with another polish brand.  I chose Zoya.
 This is three coats of Ivanka.  I used one coat of Sephora X base underneath and one coat of Sephora X top coat over top.
 Ivanka is so unbelievably sparkly and dimensional in person and I'm sad I didn't get pictures of her in the sun.  Application was easy.
Well, folks, let's end the suspense now, shall we?!  Ivanka chipped within about six hours.  ;(  By the end of the evening I was peeling it off all too easily.  Conclusion?  Sephora X base and top coats are not magical enough to extend my normally craptastic wear with Zoya polishes.  Perhaps I'll try them again later with another brand.

 Here is an update on the Sephora X mani for you.  I took these pictures on day EIGHT.  I ended up taking off Deranged on day NINE.
 I'm more than blown away by the wear time here.  In fact, to be honest, the last day or two I actually got very reckless with my nails and was picking at things (mostly my poor cuticles) like a naughty girl - I was taunting it to chip yet it would not!!  That weird spot on the end of my pinky nail?  It's like tip wear on steroids.  I wish I knew why but that spot always wears that way, no matter what mani.  :(
 You can see the tip wear all too well in these pictures, mostly because I'm angling to show it off.  In person, it was hardly noticeable.  I did have a tiny chip on the corner of my right index finger (see awkward picture below) that occurred on the first or second day.  Pardon my scraggly skin on that finger.  It gets beat up and picked on more than others!  I thought for sure that the lil' chip would worsen but it didn't go any further until day nine, at which point it went from tiny chip to small chip.
Sephora X, so far I am loving you hard!  I've never had a polish last even remotely this long before.

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