Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 This is three coats of NerdLacquer Cuprum.
 It was pretty good at two coats, but I went for three just because.

 I topped it off with a coat of Gelous and then a coat of NYC Grand Central Station.
 This was my first time using Grand Central Station.  My only complaint is the dry time - longer than I prefer.
I really love Cuprum!  I'm enjoying copper a lot lately, for both my eyes and my nails.  This one is super awesome!

 What is this, like, Brazilian multi-chrome polish week at DizzyNails?!  Maybe.
 I swatched my one and only Ludurana Aurora Boreal polish when I got done with the Mari Moons.  It just seemed appropriate.  This is called Show.  Pardon my lack of clean up.
 Show is very sheer and I used three coats here, shown over clear base coat, with no top coat.
 I would likely suffer four coats if I were to wear this as a mani.  Either that, or layer it over black or another dark color.
 So, it clearly says "Perfumado" on the bottle, yet, apparently I didn't bother to read that.  Ha!  I noticed it smelling rather powdery and perfume-y while taking these pictures.  I think the smell might possibly be annoying, but it's too soon to tell since I've only just swatched it and then took it right off.
I researched some pictures of Ludurana Aurora Boreals before carefully selecting just this one.  For once, I thought before I bought.  :)  Show is beautiful.  I don't know if I have a dupe or not, but honestly, I don't even care.  I'm happy to have it.
Here is a scary jaundiced looking picture taken under my Ikea desk lamp, where I paint my nails.  I wanted you to see how sparkly and awesome the tiny shimmers are.  Sparkly!  Awesome!  Yes!

 Rounding out the week of Mari Moons, we have here the lovely Dreamer!
 I used three coats for the swatches here, shown over clear base coat and with no top coat.
 It has such stunning, jeweled depth and range.
 Mesmerizing, no?
 I *think* I likely have an Ozotic Pro dupe for this one...don't quote me on that, but it definitely looks familiar.  All too often I am the girl that buys now and asks questions later!  :)
 I really enjoy all the wildly different color shifts in this polish.
Yummy, yummy, yummy blue!  Pardon my application.  I didn't clean up any with any of my Mari Moon swatches, so I apologize for the unevenness that you see.  Also, as I have mentioned before, I find the brushes to be quite hard to work with.  Just know that if you get them you will likely need to give them a little hair cut!  I purchased all the Hits Mari Moons from Llarowe.

 Hold on to your hats, kidderoos, 'cause this one might just blow them away!!  *cue the dramatic music*
 This is two coats of Hits Mari Moon Unconventional (swatched over clear base coat, no top coat used).  It is super pigmented and it seriously, literally, knocked my socks off.  Well, maybe not literally, but ya know...I was smitten!!  I still am.
 Can you stand it?!  Can you?!  I barely can.  See the teeny tiny blue shimmers?
 This polish is just absolutely juicy, ripe, and delicious.  I don't think I have anything else like it in my collection.  I might need to buy backups.  My precioussss.
You know what else?  This is the ONE Mari Moon I received that had a perfect, unmangled brush!  It's true love, I tell you.

 ...to bring you another NerdLacquer!  This is Cyance Friction.
 I used two easy coats, and topped it with two coats of Seche Vite.
 Let me just say that these pictures are taken all over the place in three different settings and types of light.  It's a complicated polish and I wanted to show it off as best I could.
 First off, you are probably seeing all the chunky glitter in the bottle and wondering where it is on my nail!
 Well, it's just one of those things.  I've seen other pictures of this polish where more chunky glitter came out to play.  Maybe it's just the way my bottle is mixed up right now.  In any case, I'm still head over heels for this polish (but yes, I too, would have liked to have seen more chunkiness!).
 This polish is interesting because of the mix of green and blue.  On me, it looked more green than blue most times.
 I fear my pictures may be misleading as they seem to pull more blue.
 No matter...it's such a jaw droppingly pretty polish!  I highly, highly recommend getting this one.
Do you love it?

 Holy lobster fingers, Batman!  This is three coats of Hits Mari Moon Trendy.  Just like the others, I swatched this over a clear base coat and did not use top coat.
 I rushed the application on this one, hence the few little bubbles that you see.  Also, mind your brush strokes on this one.  It's not easy with the wonk-tastic brush.
 This is a pretty clear dupe to Ozotic Pro 507 - or at least, this is what I'm thinking without having compared them side by side.  Would you agree?
It's glowy, metallic, and quite an attention grabber!  Stay tuned....there are still a few more on the way!

 Here are swatches of the Hits Mari Moon called Daring.
 Here I'm wearing it over a clear base coat with two coats of polish and no top coat.  For a manicure, I would want three coats of polish or to wear this layered over black.
 Daring is very delicate and soft, which I find to be somewhat ironic.  I keep thinking, this color is not so daring!
 It looks brush-strokey here and I apologize for a hasty application coupled with a wonky brush (yes, I trimmed it, like all the others).  I'm not sure that this color can be completely without stroke marks.
It's a dainty and pretty color.  I can't say that I don't like it!

 Cool!  Yeah, that's the name.  Cool surprised me by being awesomely pigmented.
 These swatches are shown at two coats over a clear base and with no top coat.  I would definitely wear this as a mani with just two coats!
 This is probably my second favorite of the Mari Moons!  I really like the richness and depth.
Want to know my very favorite?  You'll have to wait a little longer!

 This is two coats of Cutie Pie, shown over a clear base coat with no top coat.
 Are you wondering what the heck Mari Moon means, like I am?  Well, apparently it's the stage name of a VJ on Brazilian MTV!  It looks like Mariana sells clothes, has vibrantly colored hair, and that the actual name "Mari Moon" was inspired by the Japanese Sailor Moon.  Cool!
 To my dear Brazilian readers, feel free to add any pertinent or fun information in the comments!  :)
 Cutie Pie is just lovely.  Blue, pink, and purple make me swoon.
Again, I would probably opt for three coats or to layer this over black for an actual manicure.  It looks just fine at two coats for these quick swatch pics, though.  Another beautiful Mari Moon awaits you tomorrow!

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