Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

I only have indoor pictures of this beautiful combo, but they still showcase the greatness of two new polishes. I layered CND Effects in Ice Blue Shimmer over OPI Sapphire in the Snow.

The shimmer is very tiny and almost looks like pearl. It turned the blurpleness of Sapphire in the Snow into full on gawgeous deep blue.

Love me some blue shimmah!

I bought several of the CND Effects polishes recently and am super happy to have them. You know how I love to layer!

I'm glad a nail polish company decided to embrace a concept that I've been championing for years! Yay layers!

This was my first sort of Holiday inspired mani of this season. I'm not ready for Christmas, winter, Thanksgiving, any of it really! It doesn't help that down here in Florida nothing remotely feels like Christmas or winter. I grew up in Michigan, so I'm used to cold and snow and I have to say that I miss it, especially when it comes to thinking of the Holidays. Anyway, this is Finger Paints Evergreen Dream topped with Sinful All About You.

It's Christmassy, no?

I love that the Sinful glittah has orange and gold bits. So pretty!

I didn't get around to taking any pictures of this outdoors in natural light, but I still wanted to share the glittery goodness with you. :) This mani lasted me a crazy long time, too! Nearly a week, if I recall. Wowza!

This season has brought several terrific ambiguous purply gray colors. Hooray, I say!! These are some big favorites for me. Not only do they look great with my skin tone, but they meet my need for a chic, unique purply color. Yes, I love my purples!

Here is Dior's Silver Purple. Clever name, right? It's soooo beautiful!

It's got a gunmetal gray base with a hint of purple and shimmer.

Next up is Sally Hansen HD Opulent Cloud. I have wanted this polish from the moment I first heard about it, which I might add was quite some time ago! I have not yet seen it in my area. Boo! I also gave up looking for it a few weeks ago when a most generous gal from MUA sent it to me out of the kindness of her heart, knowing that I was going bonkers trying to find it!

These flash pictures really pick up on the gorgeous lilac side of Opulent Cloud. It just makes me happy! Check out the subtle shimmah on the index finger and thumb below!

Now for pictures with fluorescent lighting. It shows much more golden soft gray.

The application was smooth and flawless. I am a big fan of the Sally Hansen HDs, from the buttery formula to the brush (which reminds me of a more narrow version of OPI's Pro-Wide).

If I ever see these in person I may have to pick up the red and pink in the fall line, as well as a back-up of OC! THANK YOU GINA!!!! xoxo

I finally decided to use some of the decals I've been collecting. Smart! I started with Claire's Pink Rose polish. It has an awesome, subtle golden holo shimmah! In some lights it almost looks like a lime green shimmah. Then I used decals from Fing'rs Edge, the Royal Punk set.

I apologize that some of the pictures are blurry - my zoom had a mind of its own that night!

The picture below is ridiculous (bad) but I had to include it because the bottle shimmah is so gorgeous!!

The black skull with the heart eye patch is my favorite, I think.

I was impatient in putting on the decals so I didn't wait until my polish was totally dry. I think it might have turned out a little better if I had waited, but then I had the dilemma of not wanting to put a layer of quick dry top coat on top of a basically dry mani (and risking peeling and shrinking).

This was lots of fun and lasted a few days for me (which is good), so I'll definitely be using more decals in the future! :D

Happy Saturday!! I'm sorry I haven't posted much this week. Here are pictures of My Private Dud - erm, OPI My Private Jet version 3 of 4 (so I'm told). I thought I had the original super holo version but alas, no, I have the sporadically holo shimmah version that is referred to on the MUA Nail Board as "the dud." How could I not know?! I think I have been in denial.

It's three coats. It's nice, don't get me wrong, I'm just massively disappointed that I now have two versions of MPJ, neither of which I really wanted (when compared to the awesomeness of versions 1 and 2). *sigh*

At least this version is a slight upgrade from version 4, which I already have but have not ever worn. It's the one that has basically no holo at all and a weird iridescent blue sheen.

What can you do?! *shakes fists at OPI*

Maybe someday, somehow, I'll find version 1 (which I really want) or version 2 (the more brown super holo). A girl can dream, right?

I have to say that it's unendingly annoying when companies release several versions of the same name polish. I feel like it could even be some oblivious stupid mistake, but that almost makes it worse! No, I take that back - it is worse if they knowingly do it and don't tell us. :(

I was so excited to get this polish! It's Sephora by OPI Absinthe Makes the Heart from their Holiday collection. I did three coats here.

It's a very dark grayish murky green with various colored little shimmer bits.

I think it would look pretty good on warm and cool tones alike.

It reminds me of shimmery crocodile skin! Not a normal "me" color, but I quite love it!

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