Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 I have more Starlight and Sparkles swatches for you!  Nayru is shown above, over black, with NO top coat.  A little bumpy by itself.
 Here it is with a coat of Glitter Tamer over top.  Much better!!
 Nayru is so uber sparkly and twinkly and amazing.  It reminds me of some celestial fantasy.
 There is so much dimension and energy to it!
 I could look at this for a very long time and be quite content.  :)
 Nayru applied easily, like all my other Starlight and Sparkles polishes have, and aside from needing some extra top coat, it is completely fantastic!

 See how complex and interesting the different shades of blue are?  Like tiny twinkling blue stars.
 Next is Farore.  Here I have also swatched with base coat, one coat of Diamond Cosmetics Matte Black, a coat of Farore, and a coat of Glitter Tamer (Lynnderella).
 Farore has complex twinkles of green, bronze, and gold.  It's really quite fascinating.
 I must confess that I have had very little luck with my Glitter Tamer in the past, but it sure came in handy for swatching purposes here!  It didn't give me any trouble this time and dried very quickly as well.
 Super shiny, mega twinkly awesomeness!
 It looks slightly foggy in bright, direct light.  I'm not sure why, but it definitely does not detract from the beautiful shimmer.
 As usual, I have taken far too many pictures!  I do hope that you enjoy them.  :)
 You can see the colors of the tiny sparkles more clearly in indirect light.
 Din is last, but not least, in the trio of "color shifting sparkle glitter top coats."
 Din is warmer with copper, bronze, and gold accents.
 It almost looks like tiny embers or sparks.
 Check out the flashes of copper coming from the index finger!!
 This one also has a bit of the foggy or milky look to it, but only when it's in direct and very bright light (I probably sound crazy here, but I'm referring to the base color and not the sparkles).
 Din is absolutely gorgeous, just like Farore and Nayru!

 Here are a couple of slightly blurry pictures I took indoors, near a window.  I liked how the sparkle really stood out and came alive.
 Next I am going to show you the Starlight holographic top coat.
 You could use this over any type of polish and color, but I chose to show it here over simple black and white.  For the white I used two coats of Revlon Powder Puff.
 I only used one coat of Starlight over top of the black and white, and no top coat.
 I dipped my brush twice when painting the index nail, versus the ring fingernail, and you can probably appreciate the slight differences in opacity shown.
 Also, I apologize for the botched spot on my pinky nail near the cuticle.  I bumped it with my cuticle oil pen tip and couldn't be bothered to re-do it!
 This would definitely look great over just about everything, I imagine.
You can find Starlight and Sparkles polishes at Issa's Etsy store here.  Thanks to Issa for generously providing these to me for review!

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All of them are so beautiful! I love them! <3

Wow, these are all amazing! I love them! They're so gorgeous.

In the shade, Starlight looks like noise on a television! Love them all, awesome photos :)

Woah! gorgeous! I think I need a few of these... :D

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