Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Elf Love is amazing.  I am really blown away by how cool it looks over the black!  It's all retro-artsy-graffiti-ish, if I do so say!
 I used one coat of Cult Nails Nevermore (my current fave black), then one coat of Elf Love.  I didn't really dab much - it was more just straight painting, carefully.  It applied very easily.
I finished with Gelous and Sephora X Top Coat.  Everything is quite shiny and smooth.  I really, really love this!

 I should not have waited so long to wear this beauty.  I'm sure you read that a lot on blogs (and, no doubt, have read it before on here)!  I am ga-ga in love with Star Gazer 161.
 I used three coats here and topped it with Butter London's top coat.  Application was easy.  The brush was a little bit fluffier than I like, but didn't give me any trouble.
 Yes, it looks almost black in most lights.  But I see the purple!  I know it's purple.  And the shimmer is just...*speechless*
 A very special thank you to the very special lady who made this dream possible and gave me this stunning polish!  <3 p="">
This wore well for three days on me.  I switch up my base and top combos so much that I can't help but wonder if it would have worn even better had I used Sephora X base and top.  Nonetheless, three days is respectable enough for me!

 This is three coats of Two Fingered Salute.  I used the Sephora X base and top coats with it.  This color is really unique being a dusty sea foam sort of minty green with copper micro glitters.
 I did this manicure at my parents' house, in very poor lighting, with no clean up!  I was very worried about how it was going to turn out, but really, aside from my nails looking very ridged here, the actual manicure came out well.  :)  I couldn't even tell you if I needed that third coat of polish or not because of the dim lighting.  Ha!
The formula on this polish was a bit odd to me.  It was thick and stiff, definitely not the easiest to work with.  Had I been at home, I would have for sure added thinner to it.  It also seemed to dry very quickly - almost too quickly, if that makes sense.

Do you like this one?

 I have two of the new Rainbow Honeys to show you!  I managed to use them both in this cute Valentine's inspired look.  XOXO is the bottle you see here - red, pink, gold, holo, and all sorts of iridescent shimmery goodness!
 I used one coat of XOXO over top of OPI Funkey Dunkey (two coats).  I adore XOXO as an easy and beautiful glitter topper.
 For my accent fingers I used two coats of Rainbow Honey Sweet Talk.  It's a soft white creme with pink, green, and purple glitters.  It has a touch of nearly hidden shimmer, as well -  best I can tell it's kind of pinky-peach.
 Application on Sweet Talk was relatively easy, you just have to be moderately careful and slow, making sure not to have too much on the brush.  I should have waited longer between coats since I have a few tiny bubbles.
 I used a coat of Gelous over top of every nail, just to be sure everything was perfectly smooth, then finished with Crystal top coat (Starlight and Sparkles).  I have some tip wear after three days, but all in all, it's still looking really cute!
Bonus picture of my first mani with XOXO!  I used three coats of Orly Prelude to a Kiss underneath.  I really love how fresh and fun it is.  I would definitely recommend that combo!
There is another polish from the Sweet Talk collection, a pink called Be Mine that I do not yet own.  Here are promotional pictures provided by Rainbow Honey that include it (on the left).
Rainbow Honey is giving you a $5 off code to use on the new collection or any polishes you'd like from them!  The Sweet Talk collection is available via private sale right now on fab.com and will release officially at Rainbow Honey's site on January 25 at 12:01 AM EST.  Use code SWEETTALK$5 (this code expires on 2/28).

Thank you so much to Rainbow Honey for providing me with the beautiful XOXO and Sweet Talk for review!  Well done!  I really love these polishes, and I'm not just saying that.  :)

 My swell husband helped me to get the new Lynnderella Holiday collection.  Isn't he great?!  This is my first mani using one of those fine, fine polishes.  I chose The Present is a Gift for my first one.  :)
 Here are two pictures of the underwear I used - a StrangeBeautiful from the Dickensian volume.  I used two coats.  It was thick, but good.  I like that the color has a delicate silver shimmer.
 The tall and skinny StrangeBeautifuls need to be used with care, I find, or else you can easily knock them over whilst painting your nails!
 Okay, back to pretty, fancy, glittah pictures!  These glitters are just magical.
 I used one coat of The Present is a Gift, doing a combination of painting and then dabbing movements.  The glitters gave me no trouble at all during application.
 I smoothed it out and finished with a coat of Gelous, a coat of Sephora X top coat, and finally a coat of Seche Vite.  My favorite spot on this mani is where the two black diamonds almost meet on my ring finger.  :)
I have a few tiny bubbles near the end of my middle finger, mainly, but I think I'm making progress or something because I just didn't care (well, after the initial moment of horror)!  Also, it helps that you really cannot see them in person.  I've had this mani on for three days now, and will be changing it today because of some tip wear and a small chip.

 I've had this on for four days now, and oddly, it seems like longer.  This is four thin coats of OPI The World is Not Enough.
 I used Sephora X base coat under it and Sephora X top coat over top.  For whatever reason, the X base and top combined with OPI has been giving me better than normal wear!  Hooray!
 It's still not as good as my nine days with X polish...but four or five days with OPI is novel and fun for me!
 I tried to wear this one earlier and had some icky bubbling, likely because I went too fast.  I say "too fast," but really it was as fast as I normally go (not waiting between coats or anything).  This type of polish, I find, really needs some patience and babying.  What should I even call this finish?  Metallic shimmer?!  It's freaking gorgeous, whatever it is.
 So, yeah, just GO SLOW, and it will all be okay and be totally worth it.  I waited between my coats, I made sure to do thinner coats than normal (thus the need for four coats), and presto-magic-o, my mani was near perfect!
 Also, just so you know, this is way prettier in person than in pictures.  It's super shiny and metallic looking.  In some lights it appears a bit purple to me, which I really enjoy.
Do you have it?  Do you love it?  What do you think?

 This is Nails Inc. Porchester Square.  I used three coats, although I likely could have gotten away with just two.  It applied so nicely that I think I kind of wanted to just keep going!
 This was my accidental New Year's Eve and New Year's mani!  I was planning to replace it on New Year's Eve, but life got in the way, and it still looked good, thankfully.
 I got so many compliments wearing this one.  I think the general public really enjoys a good nude!  Porchester Square looks very different on me depending on what lighting I'm in.  At times it looks very mauvey-purplish!  My pics here do not show that at all.
I also find that this shade flatters pretty much every skin tone.  It's a winner!  I was lucky enough to get the crystal cap version on sale at Sephora a while back.

 Happy New Year, friends and Nation!
 I actually wore this about a week ago.  I've just been slacking.
 This is two coats of OPI Absolutely Alice, but of course.
 I've worn it before, but I just couldn't resist it's sparkly goodness.  This is one of my faves, for sure.
 I used Sephora X base and top coats with this, and layered a coat of Gelous under the X top coat.  It was not perfectly smooth, but close enough.  I wore this for three days - I had a chip on the third day, but tried not to let it bother me too much.  Still, good wear for a glitter bomb, for me!
I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year's!

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