Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

I tried my first NK polish recently. Have you seen or heard of these? I bought two while in Houston this summer. I found them in a huge mall inside a little accessories shop that didn't seem to be a chain. They are a good deal! Two dollars, I think. This is Royal Blue Frost. Not the most creative name ever, but hey, I forgive because it's very pretty.

It was a dreary day when I took these photos. I was trying to show off the shimmer above.

It's a very happy, pretty, showy blue to me. I adore it!

You might be able to make out bubbles in the pictures because my two base coats bubbled like crazy!! I applied both with the fan on above me. Duhhhh, not a good idea. Thank goodness shimmer hides many sins. :)

Happy Halloween, too!!

I have a few pictures of RBL Mismas for you. It is a supa fly purple creme! I think this was two coats.

I believe the photos portray the color pretty accurately. It reads a hair less blue in real life.

If you haven't had the pleasure of using RBL cremes, let me tell you, they are something! Beautifully pigmented, creamy, easy to work with, smooth, and cooperative. :)

Do you have a favorite RBL?

Hey everybody! I forgot to post these pictures yesterday of the same manicure I featured with the Urban Decay Meltdown, Sinful Daddy's Girl, and Sinful I Love You. They are taken in sunlight. Behold! The bottle pic is Daddy's Girl.

Bottle pic here is I Love You.

Here is a neat little combo I came up with using two colors from Hot Topic. They don't seem to have names, although I believe names are listed on their website. I started with a bluey, green, gray sort of duochrome polish. Looks cooler in the bottle, but still fun on the nails. I think I did three coats.

Then I topped it with bar holo glittahs - a polish in a slightly grayed jelly base.

It's kinda like a hairy peacock?! :D

I really loved this mani but it started chipping off in big chunks pretty quickly - within about 12 hours I think. :(

Maybe I'll play with my base coat/top coat combos when using Hot Topic polishes next time. Currently I've been using Sally Hansen Nail Quencher for a base and most of the time I use Poshe for my top coat.

I hauled today!! I got a bunch of Claire's polishes, three OPI Suedes, some others.....and.....*drumroll* the original OPI My Private Jet!!! WooooooOOHOOOOooo! I didn't think I would ever find it, at least not easily in retail. I also was able to use a coupon, so super score. I'm wearing it right now and will have pictures for you soon. :)

I have some pictures of two of the newer Urban Decay polishes, Grunge and Meltdown. Meltdown is a luscious purple with a fine glowy shimmer. I felt like adding some more, so I layered one coat each of Sinful Daddy's Girl and I Love You on top. I kind of wish I had done I Love You and then Daddy's Girl in that order because it seemed like Daddy's Girl had some subtlety to it that I Love You may have trampled over! Either way, it turned out beautiful.

This is Grunge, a blackish, blueish, greenish color with a hint of silvery frost. It is very, very cool!!

I'd like to see how it compares to MAC Beyond Jealous. I'm guessing they may be similar but with different finishes.

I'm definitely looking forward to trying the other colors in the super cute Apocalyptic kit. I wonder if Urban is going to continue to make nail polish? I'm hoping this kit heralds the return of a core line!

I have more Illamasquas for you! This is the lovely Lament. It's a bright and beautiful coral creme. I'm not a huge fan of corals on myself but I was pretty happy about this one. I think Illamasqua just does a really terrific job with cremes.

Below I layered Fern on top of Muse. Muse is a teal creme and Fern is a shimmery light sky blue. Together they make quite a vivid pair!

I hope you had a good weekend and I look forward to sharing more polish soon!

I was super excited to get this polish - Lippmann Wicked Game. I lurve duochromes and this one is nothing short of spectacular. I believe I did three coats here, but it may have been four.

It's like sexy cool liquid metal!

I think it's going to be really rad over darker colors, too.

Smooth like buttah.
Now, a departure from the norm. This was a laughable experiment. I'm not sorry I went there!

Lippmann Happy Birthday over Illamasqua Ruthless. I did one coat of Ruthless and three fairly thick coats of Happy Birthday. It's clown slaughter!!

I put China Glaze Matte Magic over it the following morning and I feel like it looked a bit better matte. It reminded me of some kind of Italian food festival. :)

Happy Birthday is fun and unique, so of course I had to have it. I think it's a great addition and I look forward to trying it again over different colors.

Alright, Megan, I finally did it for you. I took pictures of my messy, crazy, scattered all about and unorganized stash. Well, it's much more organized than it used to be, thanks to the awesome Kup! I'm pretty sure that Kup's gonna be organizing it even more the next time she's around. :D

China Glaze.

Pure Ice, Sinful, Shades by Barielle, various babies (minis), Sephora, CND, Love My Nails (I think I see one).

Goldie, OPI, Sally Hansen X-treme Wear, NK, Finger Paints, Love My Nails, Orly, Claire's, Maybelline, Milani, CND, Cover Girl, Essence, St. Tropez, Sally Hansen.

Illamasqua and Lippmann (the ones I've recently used).

Messy, crazy stuff on my one little table.

New China Glaze glitters and Lippmann bag with Lippmanns in it that you can't see (about eight of them). Yes, those are yoga toes (or whatever they are called). I like to use them when I do my pedicures.

What is this, you ask? It's a bag with all my lovely Illamasqua boxes in it! The open boxes are ones I've tried now. Closed boxes are ones I haven't used yet.

Other random stuff on a side table.

Nina Pro Ultra, Shu Uemura, $OPI, Sally Hansen Salon, Sally Hansen HD, Icing, Essie, L.A. Girl Flare, L'Oreal, Hot Topic.

B.B. Couture for Nails, Nicole by OPI, Orly, Misa.

Nfu-Oh, Butter London, Anna Sui.

Massini, Hard Candy, Sparitual, Zoya.

Nubar, Maybelline, MAC.

Konad Special and Princess, Chanel, Urban Outfitters, Lancome, Dior, Delia's, Nars, Rescue Beauty Lounge, Laura Mercier.

Barry M, Color Club, Toma Metallic Illusions, NYX, Lippmann Collection, Wet 'N Wild Craze, Pure Ice.

There are maybe 15 or so that you did not see pictures of. They are floating around in the no man's land that is my disaster corner of the kitchen counter. I drop my purse in that area when I come home and I also have a mess of various shopping bags around there. Off the top of my head I have some Milanis (Welcome Back Color and Enchantment Halloween ones), MAC (two newest ones), Wet 'N Wild Fantasy Makers, Lippmann Rehab, Essie babies (the ones that include Mesmerize), and I think I might be forgetting a polish or two, but that's about it. Oh yeah, and about five new colors from Hot Topic that I picked up today!

K. Hope you are happy now, Megan! :) And yes, I know I have a lot of polish. Yeah. It's a collection, not a problem!! :D

Here is a relatively un-extraordinary picture of me wearing MAC Baby Goth Girl over some random pink Essie whose name I cannot recall. It was a vivid pink creme and I was hoping that by layering Baby Goth Girl over it the effect would be closer to how BGG looks in the bottle. No such luck! It's a great polish, very pretty, but definitely one of those where you really wish it looked like it does in the bottle when it's on your nails! I may continue to experiment with it in the future.

Next is Illamasqua Untold. I did three sort of thick coats. I also used China Glaze Matte Magic on the ring and pinky fingers.

Illamasqua Jan is a really soft, pretty mauve creme. Again, the ring and pinky are mattified.

I hope you enjoyed the mix!

I've become a obsessed with Illamasqua nail polish. I recently hauled a small boatload of them. Like a tug boat, maybe. :D Here are pictures of two neons, Rare and Collide. If you've heard anything good about Illamasqua nail varnish (as they say) then I assure you it is TRUE. Below, three coats of Rare.

I only put Seche Vite on the ring and pinky fingers. It applied very easily, very perfectly!!

Rare is blinding bright and so neon that it's almost a twinge green. Below is Collide, two coats, I think.

Amazing sexy hawt, hawt pink!

You will be seeing much more Illamasqua from me. I hope you like it!

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