Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

I was so happy to find the newest Sally Hansen HDs last week! They are reeeaaally pretty. Here is my first manicure with two of them. I started with two coats of Laser and then added a coat of Byte on top.

Byte is the pink bottle and Laser is the blue one.

I love the cool duochromey, iridescent effect! It was so vivid and bright.

It looks like super shiny, tiny pieces of glass or jewel.

I did end up with some bubbles on this one, which I think was a combination of maybe going too fast and possibly the formula. I've had issues with some Sally Hansen polishes bubbling in the past.

That being said, my top coat did a good job of evening everything out!

I *think* I used Poshe with this one. That's my normal go-to.

This just in!! Breaking news!! My left middle finger nail just broke. :(

I knew it was going to happen soon. My nails are just at the length where I know they can't get much longer without a nail or two tearing or breaking. Boo hoo!! They are actually a little longer than what you see in the pictures here, just because they have grown more since last week, apparently! ;) Oh well, such is life. I don't think my nails are meant to be very long!

Have a terrific Memorial Day!!

In case you've been living under a rock, I am posting pictures of Zoya Charla for you. I don't think I know of anyone that does not instantly love this polish (and no, I am not daring you to tell me that you don't like it!).

I did three coats. It's mesmerizing.

I don't have much to say about it. The pictures do the talking!

I added some nail stamping using my Bundle Monster plate 21 and Orly Luxe.

Luxe is a little chunky for stamping, but it kinda went with Charla's whole insane shimmah thing.

I thought it was really cute!

Next time I might use a China Glaze Khrome, like 2030, for a more crisp stamp.

I hope you are having a terrific Saturday! It's storming and raining hard here right now. Also, I am still coughing way too much, but I think there is hope that I might get officially well one of these days!! Two weeks and counting. *sigh*

This mani started with Shades by Barielle Myrza's Meadow. I did two coats and then followed with Konad plate m69, using China Glaze LOL.

Myrza's Meadow was thick, like most Barielles I've used so far. I added thinner several times to make it easier to work with.

Also, I had a little bit of trouble with my stamping. I couldn't get the LOL to transfer as cleanly as I wanted. It turned out really cute, though!

My next Konadicure is with Sephora by OPI Rumba Romance. I did three coats and then used plate m57 with Konad Princess Gold Black for the stamping.

Tiger nails!! RAWRR!! This one was super fun. I got tons of compliments on it. :)

Friends! It's good to be posting again! I've been sick for over a week now! My husband says he thinks I have H1N1. Oh yuck! I'm sitting here trying to hack up a lung as I type. The worst of it is (hopefully!) over now, though, so I figured it is high time to start showing you pictures of my latest creations. :)

I've been itching to 'Nad for quite some time now, so I finally made it happen about two weeks ago. I have to admit, I was nervous that I had forgotten how.

I started with Rescue Beauty Lounge Grunge. It applied so perfectly in just two coats. It went on very light and nude but ended up drying a bit darker.

Then I used China Glaze Joy and Konad plate m63 to stamp on the design. That little blue guy I'm holding is my fab kitty nail scrubber. I got him at this super way cool store in NYC called Pylones. Everything in there is tragically cute!!

I was so pleased with how this turned out! It was relatively easy for me, too! Hip, hip, hooray!

I still got it, baby!

I really love this design pattern. It's so flowy and free.

If you haven't tried stamping yet, I highly recommend it! It's so much fun and really takes your manicure to a whole new level of gorgeous.

I think I've got the 'Nad bug now, for sure, so you'll be seeing more in the future.

I hope you enjoyed this one as I did!

I had some fun with my OPI Shrek polishes last week. I used Rumple's Wiggin' and What's With the Cattitude? and had primarily purple on my left hand with primarily blue on my right (not shown). I did a reverse accent finger on each hand - left ring finger and right index (don't ask me why, I just like it like that!). And I topped it all with a coat of China Glaze Nova!

It was three coats of each of the OPIs, one coat of Nova.

It was a "candy sprinkles" kind of look and I enjoyed it a lot!

Or maybe cotton candy with fairy dust? :)

The OPIs applied well for me and I had no problems.

This is the new $OPI, Teal We Meet Again, topped with Nfu-Oh 49. I only did two coats of Teal We Meet Again. It's so pretty and deep!

You can see the fine shimmer in the baby bottle. So lovely!

The flakes brought it to life, of course. I was very, very happy with the combo.

I still love it! The only reason I'm changing it (today) is that it's starting to get a bit chippy.

Seeing the Nfu-Oh bottle after the baby $OPI makes the Nfu-Oh look like a mammoth!

Giant flaky bottle of goodness!

Hawt, hawt, hawt!!

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