Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 I've had Stone Cold for quite a long time.  Thank goodness I finally wore it!  This is three coats here.
 The polish has really chunky, flakie-like shimmer.  Glass-flecked?  It's absolutely amazing in person.
 Stone Cold is super sparkly, shiny, and metallic looking but my pictures absolutely do nothing to show that!  You really have to see/wear this one in person to appreciate its beauty.
 It also has this terrific depth to it.  It looks blackened beneath the sparkly shimmers.
The polish was slow drying and I made sure to let it dry some between coats as I've found that this type of formula tends to give me trouble during application if I don't really baby it.  Totally worth it, though!

 This is three coats of Nicole by OPI Just Busta Mauve.
 It's one of the new, Target exclusive colors this Fall.
 It's a really interesting and complex color that is super shimmery and gorgeous.  What on earth, I ask, would you call this color?!  It's not really mauve.
 I love the blue shimmer in it!  It also has a multichrome aspect to it that I find really wonderful.
I see pink, blue, copper, bronze, brown, burgundy, orange, and silver - I think.  Very cool color!!!

 Hello, friends!  I'm sorry for the delay in posting.  I'll partly blame my new favorite top coat, Butter London Hardware P.D. Quick Topcoat, as it's actually prolonging the wear of my manicures!  I'll tell you more about why I love it in just a minute.
 First, let's take a long look at Dior Poison (two coats), my chosen underwear for this mani.  Poison is a luxurious, velvety deep purple with a very subtle, near-hidden micro shimmer.  It's almost black, which of course means I love it right away.  Application was fine despite the huge brush which I am not keen on.
 What did I put on top?  A polish that I was starting to think would never be in my possession:  Lynnderella Kabbalah Bracelet from the Sweet Somethings for a Summer Solstice collection.
 I used a combination of dabbing and sweeping motions to get a coat of it on top and actually had no trouble with the application, much to my surprise!
 To get it all nice and smooth, I used two coats of Instant Artificials and then two coats of Butter London's top coat.  That's a lot of top coat, but it dried relatively quick, I am happy to say.  And the best part, or should I say parts?!  It was shiny, smooth, had no bubbles, no shrink, and lasted a whopping three days for me!!  This is absolutely fantastic for me, especially with a Lynnderella mani!
 Holy wow, Kabbalah Bracelet!  I am madly in love with this polish.
 So, why did it take me so long to get on board the Butter London top coat train, you might be wondering?  I've actually owned it for quite a long time.  I bought it from Ulta a while back with the base coat, as a promotional deal.  I excitedly did my next mani (which happened to be RBL Pizzicato) using both the BL base and top, and had awful, terrible results!  I immediately wrote off both the base and top.  I threw the baby out with the bathwater!!
 A couple of weeks ago, my friend at work was telling me how she had just bought the Butter London top coat (and base, I think) and really loved it.  That made me wonder enough to try mine again.  I'm so very glad I did!  I've been using it since, with nothing but great results.  I wish it dried a tiny bit faster, but honestly, I can put up with it since everything else is so perfect, so far!  Thank you, Stephanie!!  The base and I don't seem to get along, so I've saved that for swatching only.
 I'm not talking much about Lynnderella and the surrounding controversy here in this post because, well, I just don't feel the need to say a whole lot about it.  I want to say that I was beginning to feel certain that I would never get the summer collection.  I was, however, lucky enough to stumble upon it on Ebay a few weeks ago.  I bought the collection and then had a full-on freak out because I was so excited and in disbelief!
 I've seen it more and more on Ebay since then, so I'm glad that it's hopefully more available to those that do want it.  I know international folks are still pretty well left out, though, which is not fun at all.
 The cost for me ended up being a little over $20 a bottle, which, while it's not a bargain, I do feel is worth it.  I love these much more than Chanel, which cost even more.
 Anyway, I hope those that like glitter can appreciate this mani.  If you don't like glitter, or bars, or Lynnderellas, then I hope you can wait for my next post, which is of something different.  And I do hope you don't mind that I will keep posting Lynnderella manis as I wear them.
 That reminds me!  I finally just got my polish stash properly re-sorted!  I had some help from my mom and dear best friend.  Thanks so much for that!  My polishes are now all organized by brand again, and it's going to be much easier for me to find things and keep my collection organized.  Hooray!
 I just need to get the drawers of my Helmers labeled so I actually know what is where!
 Thanks for stopping by and enduring lots of pictures and lots of rambling.
Georgia thanks you!

 I've had Pahlish Typewriter Keys for a while now, but am only now getting around to wearing it.
 This is two coats of Illamasqua Nomad followed with one coat of Typewriter Keys.
 Nomad is an ...aqua...green?!  I'm not sure how I want to describe it.  It's definitely green.  A bit minty.  A bit seafoam-y.  But neither of those words really describe it aptly, in my opinion.
 I think these sunny pictures make it look like candy shell somehow!
 Application on both polishes was fine - Nomad being effortless and Typewriter Keys being surprisingly easy for a polish with irregular flakie-like shards of black and silver.  A shard or two tried to stick off the edges of my nails but I just gently pushed them back on with the end of the brush.
 I like how the pieces look relatively evenly disbursed across the nail surface!
 Typewriter Keys also has small holographic and iridescent shimmer bits as well.
 Pahlish can be bought on Etsy, here.
I used a coat of Gelous and a coat of Butter London's top coat over everything and it's nicely smooth except for just a spot or two.

 Okay, Nation!  This is it!  The finale swatch post for Starlight and Sparkles.  It's a doozy!
 All swatches are shown using a coat of base, a coat of Diamond Cosmetics Matte Black, a coat of the shown polish, and no top coat.
 Oak Evolution is a beautiful green fleck shimmer.
 It looks like little tiny pieces of crushed glass.
 This is Silver Moon Crystal.
 It looks mostly pearly and silvery over top of the black, but also has a subtle element of soft pastel kind of colors due to the iridescence of the flecks.
 It's really delicate and pretty.
 I found the formula on these particular polishes to be slightly thinner than all the previous ones I had swatched and/or worn.  I did not have any application issues, however.

 This is Flame Sniper.
 It shows bits of plummy purple, pink, and orange in the little flecks.
 By this point in my rather epic swatch-a-thon, the sun was getting lower and not favoring me as much for my photos.  I had a hard time finding my best angles and I apologize for that.
 Just imagine me running all around the edges of the pool and various spots out on the patio area, trying to find the best light!
 You can pick out the complexity of shimmer and colors below, in indirect light.  It kind of reminds me of Orly Rococo A-Go-Go, with the warm plum and hints of orange.
 Next is Silence Glaive.  I am not a Sailor Moon fan myself (tell me, am I missing something really great?), but I'm sure those of you who are will appreciate all the Sailor Moon themed polishes shown here!
 Silence Glaive has lovely blurple shimmer and teeny bits of...I want to say orange.
 The overall effect of this one is subtle yet gorgeous.
 Here I was really fighting the sun!
 One of these days I hope to have a light box or some other really great set up for taking pictures indoors.  For now, I rely on the generally present and cooperative Florida sun!
 Aqua Rhapsody is loaded with beautiful aqua blue shimmers.
 I always love a good blue!
 The combination of the blue flecks over black is just fantastic, too, if you ask me.  Blackened blue, anyone?!
 Now you can see the shimmer pop out more in less direct light.
 It's just so pretty!  I absolutely adore it.

 Last, but not least, is Love and Beauty Shock.
 Love and Beauty Shock has lots of gold toned flecks.
 They look like antique brass over the black!
 It's really sparkly and beautiful, that's for sure.
 How terrific is it in the shade?!
I really enjoy how evenly and smoothly the shimmers and flecks apply.  I had no trouble or difficulty with any of these polishes in terms of formula and application.
Thanks for taking this shimmertastic journey with me and I hope you enjoyed Starlight and Sparkles polishes as much as I have!  In my humble opinion, they are well made, special and worth a look.  I can't wait to see what Issa creates next!

You can find Starlight and Sparkles on Etsy, here.  These polishes were graciously provided to me for review purposes.

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