Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 This is a swatch of Sephora + Pantone Waterfall.
 I used a coat of FingerPaints Black Expressionism with a coat of Waterfall.  I did use base and top coat as well.
 I goofed the index finger a bit because I was being impatient and didn't let the black dry enough before painting Waterfall over top.  It just looks a little bit extra thick is all.
 I'm a sucker for any blue to purple duochrome and I love me some shimmer, so this was a no brainer.  The question, of course, is, do I have a dupe?  I really have no idea!
 I imagine this would be quite pretty and delicate on its own with about three coats, too.
 Next is a sad swatch of Revlon Enthrall.  Sad, because the weather did not cooperate during swatch time, so I did not get nearly as good of pictures as I had hoped for.
 This is two easy coats shown in indoor lighting above and slightly blurry outdoors below (there was a giant black cloud right over my head!).  This polish smells extra stinky - sort of like Nubar Diamont, if I'm remembering right.
I love the flaky-like shimmer.  So so pretty!  If you enjoy almost black olive-y sort of colors, then you'll need to get this one for sure.

 Rainbow Honey recently sent me three of their newest polishes from The Summer of 199X collection which is due out in about an hour and a half!  Above, you are seeing two coats of Pink Cloud.
 I just had to try these glitters over black, too.  So here is one coat of Pink Cloud over black.  I had trouble due to Pink Cloud being really thick, so it's not the result I was hoping for.
 I think if I had thinned it and maybe been a little more careful I could have done better.  Despite it being thick, I really had no problems applying it when I swatched it in two coats on its own!
 Next up is two coats of Fire Spring.
 Fire Spring is just juicy delicious and applied easily enough.
 I also wanted to see how it looked over black, so below is one coat over top of black.
 A little thick, but better looking overall than Pink Cloud.
 Now for my favorite!  THE KRAKEN!!!!  Can you tell I love this?  Here is two coats on its own.
 Thick, but manageable and absofrickinlutely gorgeous!
 Here is one coat over black.  Very, very cool.  Me gusta.
 The thing I love most about The Kraken, aside from its color and it's glittery-ness, is how much it glows.
 Lastly, above and below, you are seeing it as my mani.  I wore one coat over top of OPI Road House Blues.  I used two top coats for smoothing - Sephora X first and then Rainbow Honey's Summer Juice scented top coat.  It smells really yummy!!  The scent was not over-powering at all, and only really lasted about 12 hours on me.  I had ordered that top coat in a set from FAB.com.
 I've been wearing this for six days now and only today have a chip.
The Kraken is all win for me, and I have to say I'm excited to try others from this beautiful collection.  I have pre-ordered minis of all of them (I couldn't make up my mind!), and am ridiculously excited for Magic Cake (I even ordered a large one extra of that).

You can order these on rainbowhoney.com starting at 12:01 a.m. (EST) June 21st!  Click here to go to their site.

The swatches were all done using one coat of top coat and I used base coat for all the swatches featuring a black base.  I did use some clean up with the black based swatches.

Are you guys excited for these?!

Thanks so much to Rainbow Honey for providing me with these polishes for review purposes.

 I love this polish so so so so much.  It's Deborah Lippmann Swagga Like Us.
 I know there are a least a few dupes out there.  I think I love this even more than Chanel Peridot (which I quite like!).  It's a bit more flashy and dramatic.
 My pictures only begin to capture the coolness of this polish.  It flashes from blue, to green, to gold, to a bronzy almost coppery sort of color.  SO COOL.
My apologies for the little bubbles.  My amazeballs Sephora X top coat tends to give me a few little bubbles, no matter how careful I am.  I put up with it, though, because HELLO crazy long wear time.  :)

 Here is Rainbow Honey Schrammi, as promised.  I used Costa del Sol, again, for easy glitter tips!
 I only needed two easy coats of Schrammi, which is a dark coral sort of color with lovely gold shimmer.
 I got a little carried away with my glitter tips and I have to laugh at the bars all over the place on my ring finger.  I still really like it!
 Schrammi looks pretty nice in these pictures, but I have to say that in real life, in person, I was a bit disappointed in terms of how the color looked next to my skin.  It reminded me more of tomato soup and felt very Fall-like, instead of coral and summery.  I think it would look even better on tan or deeper skin tones.
Thank you so much to Rainbow Honey for generously providing Schrammi and Costa del Sol to me for review purposes.  The FAB exclusive set featuring three beautiful colors can be found here.  And there is more!

I just ordered a LE mini glitter polish set as well as the "Summer Juice" set (by Rainbow Honey) and some really cute skull earrings (not by Rainbow Honey).  :D

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