Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 For this mani, I started with two easy coats of Misa On the Edge.
 I added a coat of Starlight and Sparkles Dragon.
 Dragon shifts rather dramatically from green to gold to red.
 I took these sunny pictures two or three days into wearing it, thus the sad little chippy tip on my pinky! Otherwise, it wore really well with the Butter London quick dry top coat, and I still have it on most of my tips right now, the fifth day (I did a little swatching last night and am getting ready to do more today)!
 The Butter London top coat has been rocking my world so far!  I wish it dried faster, for sure, but it does seem to be making a real and noticeable difference in my wear time.  Hooray!  And I have not noticed any obnoxious bubbles yet.
 Okay.  Back to Dragon!  How incredibly pretty is it?!  I just want to put it over everything!
 Here are some indoor pictures I took on Saturday night, right after painting my nails.
 I love how you can see the red shimmer a bit more in these.
 For those, wondering, Dragon appears to have the same duochrome (for lack of a better term) shimmer that Girly Bits Street Magic has.  Street Magic, however, does have a light golden green base color to it where Dragon is almost clear.  I have not compared them on the nail, but I imagine they are very similar, although probably not exact duplicates.
 I used the "enhance" feature of iPhoto for these last two pictures.
You can get Starlight and Sparkles polishes at Issa's Etsy store here!  More Starlight and Sparkles swatches and manis coming soon!  Thanks to Issa for generously providing Dragon to me for review.

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Awesome combo!

wow perfect combo, love holos

Dragon looks great!

I'm amazed! I'm smitten with these combo... so perfect!
Rock Ur Nails

Amazing combination! Dragon is super stunning.

Drooooooooling! (I wish my cleanup looked as good as yours!)


Oh, wow, beautiful combo! :D

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