Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Rainbow Honey recently sent me minis of the FAB summer set (trio).  Here I used Tenda and Costa del Sol to do my first ever glitter tips mani!  How exciting!!
 I used two coats of Tenda, a gorgeous grassy, bright green with gold shimmer.  It was nearly opaque and perfect at one coat.  Then I dabbed a little Costa del Sol on the ends and finished with top coat (smooth with only one coat of top coat!).  I've been wearing it for nearly a week now and still love the combination.  It kind of reminds me of Kate Spade somehow - you know, that classic green she likes to use?  I fear my pictures aren't entirely color accurate.
 Rainbow Honey always sends the cutest, most delightful packages.  I love their little boxes and stickers and even the sizzle (that's the filler stuff in the box that pads the polishes)!  Too cute.  It's nice that they care so much and it makes you feel really special to get a package.
My apologies and please don't hate me, but I believe the summer set has sold out already!  :(  I was too slow and regret not having swatched all three polishes earlier.  I have one more polish to try out next.  It's called Schrammi and it's a deep coral with gold shimmer.  With my manis lasting so much longer now, it's hard to fit in swatching (plus, I'm a lazy butt).

Thanks so much to Rainbow Honey for providing these beautiful polishes to me for review!  You can see more of their lovely polishes at their website here.  I highly recommend them.

EDIT:  No hate is needed!  The FAB colors are available right now!  WOOHOO!  Go get 'em HERE.

 This is two coats of Essie Come Here.  I really like this color (lately).
 Application was very easy but I stupidly chose to use Dior's top coat over top and thus my beautiful mani only lasted about a day.  :(
 Next was Lippmann's Sugar Rum Cherry, from a LE holiday Bloomingdales trio set.
 I used three coats here and followed with my usual Sephora X top coat.  I got great wear time with this one - around a week.
 I made sure to go slowly between coats, as this type of polish finish will always bubble on me if I rush.
 The shimmers are really complex and gorgeous.
Not my usual sort of color, if there is such a thing, but I enjoyed wearing it!

 Shame on me for posting such crummy pictures of such a fantastic polish!!  EEK!
 This is two coats of Chanel Taboo, a gloriously beautiful and shimmery vampy purple.
 Application was easy, although it was getting thick on the second coat, so I could see it needing a few drops of thinner next time around.
 I absolutely love this.  It's just so pretty.  It has blue, red, shimmer, and deep purple components - some of my very favorites.
I hope to wear it again soon and take some worthy pictures for you all (including bottle shots, no less!).

 Hello friends!  I've been enjoying a little vacation time.  It's not officially over yet, but I thought it was time for an update.  This is OPI Have You Seen My Limo?
 I regret not getting better pictures of it.  I also am annoyed that my tips peek out white, just a tiny bit.  I didn't wrap them and my top coat shrunk ever so slightly.  Thankfully, it was not so noticeable in person.
 I can't recall if I did three or four coats here, but I had no trouble with application.  The color is really unique and different from what I had expected.  It's more plummy brown that I had thought it would be!  I guess from all the pictures I've seen before, I expected a cooler toned purply gray sort of color.
It is beautiful and I really like it.  I'm glad I was able to find it in a nail supply store sometime during the past year.

 Prepare yourself for too many pictures of this one!
 Also, my apologies for not getting proper bottle shots of all the polishes involved.
 Okay, so are you wanting to know what I used for this?
 I started with Cult Nails Nevermore.  Then I added a coat of Ozotic Pro 528.
 After that, I used Lynnderella Bride of Franken for extra blue iridescence.
 The last polish I added was Lynnderella Shape Shifter (newer version).
 I finished with two coats of Gelous (three even just on one nail where a star glitter was in a precarious and poky position) and then Sephora X top coat.
I enjoyed wearing this so so much.  One of my all time favorites easily!!  It wore very well, too, much to my happiness.  I want to say it was on for a good week!  :)

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