Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 This is just two coats of NerdLacquer Don't Blink.
 I had some tiny bubbles with this one, much to my dismay, so I didn't leave it alone.  I redid it, then added a coat of Pahlish Your Silver Lining.
 Now you're seeing two coats of Don't Blink, one coat of Your Silver Lining, two coats of Gelous, and a coat of Seche Vite.
 It's hard to tell in these pictures, but you really could still see the speckledness of Don't Blink through Your Silver Lining, which was kind of cool.
 Your Silver Lining seems to be a little bit more white, though, while Don't Blink has more of a gray cast - reminding me a lot of Cookies and Cream on its own!
 I love all the chunkiness of Your Silver Lining, and how the pieces came out easily and made each nail look super unique and sparkly.
 NerdLacquer does not appear to be available anymore.  I'm hoping so much that this changes at a later date!  Pahlish, however is in full swing, when you catch her Etsy store open.  :)

 This is three coats of Nicole by OPI Nothing Kim-Pares to Blue.  Application was easy and I like the new brush shape (new to me, at least).  It's kind of like the OPI ProWide...er, maybe it's exactly the same.  Anyway, I much prefer it to the big and bushy curved shapes.
I absolutely love periwinkle and soft blues, so this was no exception!  It's actually quite soft and bright all at the same time.  And the shimmer, which sadly doesn't show too well here due to cloudy weather, is really rainbowy and nice!

 I had very different ideas for how this post was supposed to turn out.
 You were supposed to see gorgeous pictures of Guerlain Terracotta Riviera 02 polish all by itself, in different types of lighting (so as to show off the slight duochrome blurpleness).
 Due to unforseen failures on multiple levels, you are seeing the quicky pictures I took just before taking this combination off.
 And the sun was just about to set, which is why these pictures look so warm.
 I used two coats of Riviera, a blue leaning purple nearly frosty duochrome.  It's my first Guerlain polish ever!  It has a cute wooden cap.  I love Guerlain makeup and fragrances.
And because of little bubbles all over the place and a smudge on my ring finger, I topped it off with a coat of Hits Hefesto, to try and salvage the mani.  No save.  No go.  But fun pictures!

 I was having some unanticipated mani indecision earlier today!
 After swatching random holos over my previous mani, swatching various things on a nail wheel, I decided on Pahlish Dark Parades (and I had thought I was going to do a Layla holo).
 I didn't want to deal with too many layers, so I opted for a base of one coat of Illamsqua Boosh.
 Then I applied Dark Parades using a combination of strokes and dabbing motions to maximize the glitter coverage.  I think the technique worked well!
 I topped everything with Gelous and Cult Nails Wicked Fast.  In fact, I just added an additional coat of Wicked Fast a little bit ago as it all settled down just a little bumpy.
 Great formula on Dark Parades, though!  Do you see the black bar on the index finger?  Love that.
 Shannon is opening up her shop tomorrow, Friday, at 7 central time.  Here Etsy shop is here.
 I can't say if she'll have Dark Parades available or not, but I can promise you that there will be gorgeous and amazing glittery polish to be had!
 Georgia was sunbathing while I took pictures.  She's been doing that a lot lately as it's been hotter than hot out.
This is a sort of odd picture of my right hand pinky.  I really love how the pond, grass, clouds, and sky look in the background.  Anyway, I took this to show how awesome and chunky that finger turned out!  It's my favorite.  And yay for the orange bar!  It's probably because I had been storing the polish bottle upside down to try and encourage all the glitters to come out and play!  The came...they played...but more so on that finger than the rest.

 This is three coats of Nails Inc. Cheyne Walk.
 Let's talk about this, shall we?  The clever sticker on the cap promises me that this is some new magic called "Mirror Metallic."
 Was I wrong for thinking that this would be, erm, more metallic?  Or more mirrory?  :)
 As soon as I pushed the first brush stroke onto my nail, I instantly knew that what I had on my hands was a DUOCHROME.
 Your average, run of the mill, abso-frickin-lutely gorgeous, duochrome.
 I feel silly for even bringing this up, but I was a little disappointed by the misleading marketing.
 I'll need to see if I have an exact dupe for this - my initial thought is that I might.
 In any case, it is VERY pretty and I'm never sad to see duo.
I got Stratford, as well, which is a copper/gold/pink.  Do you have or will you be getting either of these?

 This is Pahlish Train Underwater.
 Imagine seeing a little more purple glitter goodness peeking out in real life.
 I used two coats here, followed with two coats of Gelous and a coat of Seche Vite.
 I'm happy to report that I got zero tip shrink, which is always a fantastic event!
 It's every bit as gorgeous as it looks here, and then some.
 If you haven't already done so, you can look at Pahlish offerings on Etsy here.
I don't know if Shannon's going to have this available on the 25th, but if she does, you'd best get one!  :)

 This is two easy coats of Illamasqua Stance.
 Stance is a super gorgeous bright purply pink color.
 I want to say that these photos are not color accurate - it's a hair more purple in real life.
 Application was awesome, as always.
 Stance is attention grabbing, yet not at all obnoxious, if that makes sense.  And I suppose it's a matter of opinion, at any rate!
 The second day I wore it, I decided to Shatter it with OPI Turquoise.
 I wish that my cracks had been bigger (*giggle*), but I still love how it turned out!
 Now that you are seeing Stance next to so much blue, it's looking more purply.
I know y'all are really tired of crackles, which is partly why I don't do them much, so forgive me if I've offended anyone.  I still like them!

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