Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 You've probably never seen this here before...
 a sheer polish with VNL!
 I don't even know what possessed me.  This is three coats of the new Revlon ColorStay Calla Lily by itself.
 Then I added two coats of Lynnderella's Snow Angel.
 The light is very warm here, but also I feel self-conscious that my nails look stained.
 I do like how it's sort of fresh, clean, and lacy looking.
 Here are pictures indoors, where the light is cooler.
Sadly, this mani did not last long at all (we're talking a few hours) and I totally blame the Revlon ColorStay base coat because that's about the only suspect thing that I used.

9 dizzy comments:

oh this looks so pretty! loved it =)

Thanks for being brave and sharing this mani. Personally, I think your nails look absolutely beautiful. Great layering combination! :)

I just bought this a few days ago.
I'm also on the same boat as you- lately I've been wanting sheer polishes.
looks beautiful!

OOh, so pretty with the Lynnderella! The Revlon shade looks kind of like Zoya Jane, but Jane doesn't have any shimmer

I think it looks just beautiful!

It's quite odd seeing you with such non-bold nails!! That combo is fantastic though! It looks so angelic (:

i reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally do love this one a lot. i need it thanks to you :D

I totally love this look on you...the Lynderella polish is awesome on top! Bummer about the time, though...

Wow! That sheer looks GREAT on you!

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