Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Here is two coats of NerdLacquer Event Horizon.
 This polish is super awesome and was easy to apply.  It reminds me of a smaller glittered version of Lippmann's Across the Universe.
Also, can I just say that the movie Event Horizon scared the bejeezus out of me?!  Learn more about NerdLacquer here.

8 dizzy comments:

Very pretty.

Very pretty! I'm still waiting on my order which includes this one :)

I want this polish so bad, but it's been out of stock in NerdLacquer's shop! And yes, Event Horizon was a creepy creepy movie. The more I think about the whole concept, the more it scares me!

I WANT this color! It's so pretty.

i hate that movie! i still have nightmares!

OMG *drools*

I have this polish too! It's so beautiful!

momma likeee! i bet pappa likee too!!!!

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