Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 This is two coats of Laura Mercier Twilight.
 It applied really nicely and I didn't have any problems with the brush, despite it being in the clunky square cap.
 This color reminds me of Chanel Paradoxal (I haven't even worn mine yet!) and also Zoya Neeka (another untried!).  Edit:  link to my later comparison post.
 These sunny pictures really wash out the color and bring out the smoky gray tones more.
 It actually looks even more shimmery in person!
I really like this color and am glad that I went to the trouble to hunt it down.

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Oh man. So good. I really, really want this polish now!


Love it!

i like this a lot. it really looks like an amped up Paradoxal

really gorgeous color! totally reminds me of hot cocoa... mm :9

One of my new favorites :) I didn't know LM made nail polishes until I quite literally stumbled upon this one in a small cosmetics shop tucked away nicely here in Stockholm. A very pleasant surprise, indeed :) But I do agree about the cap - it's very bulky. On my bottle it also sat skew compared to the brush which made it tricky to paint neatly.

And please, could you compare it to Chanel Paradoxal and Zoya Neeka? I'd love to see how they measure up to Twilight!


That is a great color!

Emelie - I would love to do a comparison for you! I have to confess I'm kind of bad about doing them and remembering to, but I'm going to try hard to do this one for you sometime in the next week. If I forget, you can definitely remind me and I won't mind at all! :)

Gorgeous colors!

love it!!

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