Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 These are two sad, sad pictures of a polish I really love:  NerdLacquer It's Just a Flesh Wound.  I used two coats of polish and finished with three - that's right - three coats of BB Couture for Nails Top-Rock.  It's tragically bumpy and lumpy, although, at least, in some types of light it wasn't as apparent as it is here.
First off, I found the polish to be slightly less amazing on the nail as it is in the bottle - probably because the black is so opaque (normally a really good thing).  If I had it to do over again, I would layer a coat of IJaFW over Boosh.  And, if that didn't do the trick, I might wait until the polish dried and then very lightly graze over the tops with a felt pad and remover to reveal more of the glitters.  All that said, I do still adore this combination and loved how it looked on.

What you can't see well here is all the tiny delicate shimmer that is in this polish!  SO MUCH.  So gorgeous.  And why, you ask, did I decide to use BB Couture Top-Rock over this one?  I don't even know.  I was rummaging in my drawers for a new bottle of Gelous and didn't find one.  I did find two new bottles of Top-Rock, though, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.  It did dry relatively fast (not SV fast, though) and is extremely shiny.  Just couldn't handle the glitter and shimmers, though.  Also, I had bad chipping in under 24, so I'm gonna have to blame the poor BBC top coat for that, as well.

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It is lovely!!!

Definitely "Drool-worthy"

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