Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Webinarmy wore for an awesome four days for me, just so y'all know!  I decided it was time for another Lynnderella mani next, so that is what you see here.
 I began with two coats of Misa Working Hard or Hardly Working, a really pretty slightly blue-toned light gray.
 I added two coats of Mysterious Ways, followed by Glitter Tamer, Barielle Manicure Extender, and Seche Vite.  My favorite "piece" of this mani is the diamond you see on my thumb above!
In this last picture you can really see the cool iridescent blue shimmer in Mysterious Ways!

Sadly, I did have a few large and obnoxious bubbles (only on my left hand, though).  You can see them in the first few pictures if you didn't catch them already.  It wasn't so much noticeable in real life, though, so no big deal.  Also, I was lazy and didn't wrap my tips with Mysterious Ways, which I totally should have, because you can see how it kind of shrank back at the tips.

I absolutely loved this gorgeous and glittery periwinkle mani!  I only wish it had stayed on me better.  In less than 24 hours I found myself easily peeling it off in huge pieces.  :/  Ruh roh.

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BUMMER about the peeling, but it is lovely! There is also a great diamond on your middle finger, isn't there?! Thanks for showing us another great combo!

Gottwinkies - isn't it? If only I knew why! Yes, there is another diamond! Good of you to notice! :) I didn't love it quite as much as the other only because it got more covered by the milky base of Mysterious Ways whereas the diamond on the thumb looked more crisp and clear. I am silly. I know.

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