Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 This is the beginning of one of my New Year's Eve manis from yesterday.
 I used three coats of Estessimo TiNS Precious Diamond.
 Okay, why does my bottle look so frackin' empty in the photo above?!  I've only ever swatched this on a nail wheel before (just one "nail")!
 Anyway, no top coat here.  It's my underwear for things yet to come.

 Precious Diamond reminds me a lot of China Glaze Sexagon, which I've apparently never worn (or at least not in a really long time and I never took pictures wearing it), yet it's one of my favorites!
 Here I've layered a careful coat of Lynnderella Mercury's Rainbow on top.

Mercury's Rainbow is pretty dang awesome!

 It's like holo rainbow meets steely gray with a hint of blue.  Am I crazy?  I saw a hint of blue. 
The sad news here is that I experienced some majorly annoying tip shrink about ten minutes after I took these pictures (which was immediately after application was complete).  It was only on two of my nails, but the result was a big exposed looking chunk of my white tip!  I just couldn't stomach it.  So I took it straight off.  :(

5 dizzy comments:

These are all lovely!

Argh, I just hate when that happens! The mani was so pretty!

Wow, that is really pretty! Too bad about the shrinkage :(

This is such a stunning combo!! So sad you had to take it off shortly after =(

Absolutely divine layering! I'm so sorry you had to take it off. (((hugs)))

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