Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Okay!  Here is my quick and dirty comparison of Laura Mercier Twilight.  I used two coats of each polish shown (although, admittedly, Neeka very well could have been a one coater).  They are all quite similar in color and tone - with just color they looked really similar in my bathroom lighting.
 Paradoxal is maybe a hair more brown than the others and Neeka is definitely just a little more blue-toned than the others.
I've included this awful, blurry flash picture because it reveals the differences a little better than just the fluoro shots alone.  I hope this helps someone!  Here is a link back to my original Twilight post.

5 dizzy comments:

I think I like Twilight best. Thanks for the comparisons!

Brilliant comparison! Thank you!

Oh, I like Dupe-Tests! Thank you!

Great comparison! I have Neeka coming in the mail ^___^ It's good to know which colors are super similar so I don't end up picking up a bunch of dupes!

Thanks so much for the comparison! I must admit that I like Paradoxal a little bit more than the others (too bad, since I only have Twilight) because it has a finer shimmer than the other two. Oh well, Twilight still is a great polish, but it was really nice to see how it compares. Thanks! :)


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