Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Here's my second time using Hare polish.  I'm wearing three coats of Pegasus.
 It's a really lovely, milky, perfectly smooth pastel lilac with whitish-pinkish looking hexes in different sizes.
 I really love how the hexes get sort of submerged in the milky polish and are seen at different depths.
 It's so whimsical and just really, really dreamy!
Very sadly, as seems to be the case lately, this did not last long enough on me.  I had major chipping and peeling in less than a day.  I'm still enchanted by this polish, though, and would certainly try it again with perhaps a different combination of base and top coats.  For more info on Hare polish, click here.

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Gorgeous! I really love how magical this one looks. The name is perfect for it.

I love how the glitter looks in this!

love this one, it looks amazing

Seeing this just made me excited that I'll have Easter related nails in a few months!

So pretty


Wow I love how understated-ly cute this one is! Sucks that it chipped so soon though. Thanks for posting!

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