Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 There are four new $OPI "Jewelry" glitter top coats.  Here are some bottle pictures first.

 I was so excited about I Found a Pot of Gold!  Something about those diamonds.
 Here are the swatches, shown over black and with top coat over everything.
 I used one coat of the glitters for each nail.  The coat used on my pinky was pretty thick.
 Indi-go With the Flow (middle finger) is more purple and less blue than in these pictures (you can see how it looks more purple in the bottle shot from above).
And, it should be said that I was a little disappointed by I Found a Pot of Gold! because when I put the coat on my nail no diamonds appeared!  I had to fish one out and I plopped it on just for representation!
 Diamonds are fun.  I wish they had put more in it.
Overall, I think these are pretty fun and I definitely do like them.  I really love how To the Glitter End! turned out.

18 dizzy comments:

They look really good :)

I really like how To the Glitter End! turned out too! Ahhh such a disappointment about the diamond glitters. Maybe someone will franken a better diamond one soon! :D

Oh wow I totally didn't realized these had so many shaped glitters in them - especially the diamonds, even if they are sparse :)

That was my exact complaint with I Found a Pot of Gold! I had picked it up to buy it, was at the register, and looked more closely at the bottle... it looked like there were only about 5 diamond pieces in there.
Looks Like Rain Dear/Worth My Weight is their best gold glitter mix, for sure.
I really couldn't justify getting any of them! I feel like for the price, $OPI could have made these slightly more special.

Wow, they are stunning!

The shape of the gold glitter is really interesting!

These are so neat! I love To The Glitter End!, I think I'll have to pick that one up. Pot of Gold is awesome, but you're right. They should have added more diamond glitters in there.

Very pretty. Did you just swatch those four nails and then remove it or did you mimic it on your other hand and wear it as a mani? (I always wonder that when I see posts like this.)

A Polished Touch - I just swatched and then removed them right away. It sure would have been a fun full mani, though!

I think they're all gorgeous, but man, I just hate when they are being tight fisted with the glitter/diamonds. They are so pretty and should transfer to the nail. :)

All of them are beautiful! My favorite would have to be To the Glitter End! On to my wishlist it goes! :D

Fun, indeed. :)

these are gorgeous... i am on the way to work soon to pick these up

"to the glitter end!" is definitely my fav!!! It looks so gorgeos and just...BOOM!!!!!

They are stunning but i buy something pretty much identical to IFAPOG by cherimoya the copy of kleancolor for a dollar, i think its a good alternative too.

Great swatches! love them all!

Ooooo! These are really pretty! :D I felt sad about the one diamond too, especially after seeing the dazzling bottle. Awe! :/ If you want an amazing diamond shaped glitter polish I highly recommend Love My Nails Pink Surprise. It looks mild in the bottle (aside from the awesome diamond glitter) but over darker colors it's CRAZY! And there are tons of silver holo diamonds in it! No glitter fishing required. I know you'd love it. :) I got mine from a buddy but I hope you can find it. It's definitely worth seeking out. *crosses fingers*

Those are really nice!

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