Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Another first at DizzyNails!  NerdLacquer!  Here is three coats of Purely Logical.
 This applied very well and nearly could have been a two coater.  Also, and I'm so excited about this, it wore really well!!  I got a good three days with only a tiny chip.  That is so awesome for me.  My tips were almost all still wrapped, too.
If you are interested in NerdLacquer, please check out the shop here.  Amanda has come up with some really spectacular colors and I gotta say that I'm super excited about this line!  :)

9 dizzy comments:

I really like this! I guess I'll have to have another look at her etsy page.

How exciting! This is such a beautiful but hot combination, just love it!

Hi Lauren I'm a new follower. I just discovered your blog and am in awe!

I love NerdLacquer!!!
This polish is soo beautiful :)
Thanks for the swatch!
Have a nice day :)

I plan on buying about 19 million of these polishes next week when I get paid. Loooove.

Great Spring color!!! Nerdlacquer is on my lemming list for sure!

OMG, I want it! What a perfect color *-*

This reminds me of Nickelodeon. The slime green, and orange pops!

TopCoatIt - she has some super cool colors!

Melanie - it is, isn't it?!

greeneyespinknails - welcome!! I'm glad you found me and I truly hope you enjoy what you see here. :)

ptitemeve - me, too! Thank you so much! Have a lovely day, as well. :)

florence - this is an excellent plan and I fully support it! I bought her entire library a few weeks ago and I just adore every color. I'm already plotting another order of the newer colors.

Aleta Colucci - thank you! I didn't even think about it being a good Spring color, but you are totally right. :)

Mel - it's really fun and funky. I love it!

Jaysen - you are so right! Man, I used to love everything about Nickelodeon. I really wanted to get slimed, too!

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