Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

This was a mani I wore on Thursday and yesterday. I had hoped I would still be wearing it today, but I had a few chips last night, sadly. It's another combination with Clarins 230. I promise I have a palette-cleanser in store for you as my next post!

I started with three coats of Color Club Alias. Alias is not unlike Cetuem 224, but it's loaded with gorgeous chunky shimmer (I'm not positive, but believe it would be considered "glass-flecked").

Alias is mostly a lovely deep purple, but does have a bit of a duochrome flash to it with gray and green. It's a lovely polish and I wish I had pictures of it by itself to show you.

I added a coat of Clarins 230, the magic maker.

It added pinkish red shimmer with a twist.

I really love these two together. Really. Love.

I couldn't get much of a green flash (only the slightest hints), but it did flash orange nicely at times.

I wish that Alias had been a bit more opaque so I could have gone with two coats instead of three, but really, I can't complain much. Other than being a bit sheer, it applied well.

I love how 230 looks all glowy, lit-from-within, and alive in these pictures here (above and below).

The picture below is one of my favorites because you can kind of see hints of green around the base of the three nails on the left (mostly the index and middle). It reminds me of the green mist from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie. I know, I am a total dork.

Here is Georgia taking a sun bath yesterday. She's very pleased it's getting hot out again.

This is her sleepy, lazy face. Gotta love all those "freckle" spots on her face. :)

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Nice polish.

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