Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

I recently ordered some Illamasqua polishes from the UK website. Last night I wanted to try out Raindrops.

Here it is at three coats.

Application was a breeze, although I did have a moment fearing that my stains would show through!

This is a soft gray with a pinch of blue. It's a jelly texture with small silver flakies and I believe teeny blue shimmer (can't seem to see it now, but I saw it when I was painting them).

Initially, I didn't think I was going to buy any of the three fan created Illamasqua polishes. Perhaps I was feeling bitter that my idea didn't get chosen. Perhaps I wasn't "wow-ed" by any of the shades.

I'll tell you what happened, though. I am mad about this brand of polish. And I kind of feel like I need them all. :) Well, almost all. There are maybe two or three that I don't own yet and one of them I have no plans of ever purchasing.

In any case, this goes nicely with the pastel theme I seem to be digging as of late.

I am trying out the Palladio quick dry top coat just for fun. It dried pretty quick and is nice and shiny. It also had a good, thin texture going on. I'll let you know what I think!

Time to run. I need to get ready for work. I would much rather not be working today!

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Whoa! Very nice. Love the flakies and the smoothness of the color!

I want this color SO badly. How much was it total shipping from UK?

I share your passion for Illamasqua - I have 29 and 5 more on the way! it's an addition. can't wait to hear what you think about the topcoat!

Anonymous - Thank you! I love it very much, too!

Piff - it's absurd! It would be almost $36 just for Raindrops and shipping - but of course I bought other polishes, too, so that makes the shipping ($13.87) slightly less obnoxious. I did use a 25% off code, though, so that helped, too. I'm really glad I have it. It's gorgeous!!

jbrobeck - Yay!! I love that you love them, too! The worst part is that I bought this last batch from the U.K. and then they (Toxic Nature) showed up at my Sephora two seconds later!! Gah - will I ever learn?! Still, so worth it. :) I think I have 57...just counted them. Oh my gosh! I didn't realize there were that many!! :D My heart is full of happy Illamasqua polish goodness.

I know! At first they only had Gamma, so I guessed the others are UK exclusives... I have two different MUAers sending me the rest of Toxic Nature ... not fair!

jbrobeck - that is probably what my logic was, too! :P I get so anxious and want them and don't want to risk not having them. Silly me. I have to force myself not to do this next time around.

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