Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Here are my pictures of Clarins 230 over various polishes. I made a swatch wheel earlier this week when I was trying to decide what to use for my second 230 combination mani. Enjoy!

The combination where I did one coat of Boosh, one coat of Sally Hansen Turquoise Opal, and then one coat of 230 turned out really cool and weird. I was definitely tempted by this one.

Absolutely Alice was a bit of a bust for me. Pretty, but not exactly WOW! Maybe top coat would have changed my mind?

Obviously I liked 15 so much that I gave it a try! (See my last post.)

They all look pretty nifty in their own way. Below are more pictures at a different angle, a little more close up.

Number 13: A supposed "dupe" under the real thing! Why not?! :)

I don't think the pictures featuring OPI LLM showed off the orange-red sparkle as much as it really shows in real life.

This was really fun to do. While I was looking for contenders in my stash, I had real difficulty not grabbing every single polish! I seriously want to put 230 over just about every color I own.

6 dizzy comments:

I love the combinations, soo many to choose from! :D Great job and now I'll get ideas on what to layer with my Clarins :]

ooh! I think I like it best over Force by Illamasqua

Oh, all combos are gorgeous!

Great idea!!
Thank you a lot!

You can never have too many pics of this gogeous combo! Love, love, love it.
And you dog is cute :)

Oops, my comment was actually for the post after this one :P

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