Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

Alright Nation, I have come up with a ridiculously terrific combination using Clarins 230. I'm going to toot my horn, yes I am. This is smokin' crazy hawt!!

Inspired by one of my nail wheel experimental choices from last evening, I decided to go with Cetuem 224 as my "underwear." I used two coats.

Don't worry - I will still be posting wheel pics soon.

I added one coat of Clarins 230 on top of Cetuem 224.

SHAZAM! They are so meant for each other. And why wouldn't they be? Both are groovy rockin' multi-chromes.

If you missed my original swatch pic post with Cetuems, you can find it here.

I absolutely love the rainbow of colors that can be seen in this manicure.

It is the ultimate chameleon duo of polishes - at least, so far!

And the green flash (which you know is my favorite part), really picks up strongly with these two.

Hooray for green!

Sometimes it gives me a bit of a Space Cadet/Beetle vibe, too, only prettier.

Isn't it great?!

Someone at work today asked me what polish I was wearing. I almost felt bad telling her! I was like, "I am wearing two different polishes, both of which are quite hard to find." Then I proceeded to explain what and where and all that. She probably thought I was nuts. And I am - nuts for polish, oh yeah!

Alright, well I have a ton more pictures and not much left to say, so I'll just let you keep looking (and perhaps drooling).

Check out the crazy brown/orange action going on with my index and middle fingers here!

Also, I took more pictures of Zoya Roxy and 230 together, rather nicely showing off the green flash. I edited the original post from yesterday, so if you would like to see them, just give it a look. There are seven pictures added to the bottom of the post.

4 dizzy comments:

Wow I love this!

Great combo! I also have the 230 and I have been looking for a way to use it. Thanks!

you really did nail it!

wow!!! what amazing photos of an amazing combo!!

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