Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

This is three coats of Zoya Apple. I used Seche Vite as my top coat here and I don't think it agreed with Zoya's formula entirely.

I say that because I had some strange rippling/wrinkling on the middle finger and I swear I did not bump or disturb it. I'll be sticking with Poshe over my Zoyas in the future.

When I applied Apple I had a huge déjà vu moment and remembered Color Club Magic Elf.

In my mind, I figured they were dupes...but also wanted to do a comparison to find out for sure.

Above picture is a full on blazing sun pic - check out that awesome, blinding shimmer!

Magic Elf bottle is on the left. It was from a mini Holiday set last year.

You can see from the bottles that there is a difference. Magic Elf is deeper and more golden.

Three coats of each. Magic Elf is on the middle and pinky fingers (but with no top coat).

I quickly bumped and smudged my pinky, so these are Apple sandwich pictures with Magic Elf in the middle. :)

I really like them both, and normally I go for cooler tones to match my skin, but I have to say honestly that I prefer Magic Elf a little more. I think it's just a tad prettier and more gorgeous.

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seche vite and zoya do not mix because sv is got b3f. alu did a couple posts about it. here is one: http://www.alllacqueredup.com/2007/07/top-coat-challenge-zoya-armor.html

Thank you for the comparison. I actually really like Color Club's magic elf!

thank you thank you thank you. i was hoping somebody would *finally* do a comparison! too bad i now like ME more, i was thinking about getting Zoya because it would be easier to get. oh well.

One of the prettiest swatches of Apple I've seen yet!!

meag - thanks, yeah, I've heard this plenty on MUA's nail board, too. :) The funny thing was that eight of my ten nails were just fine!

nicnacksnails - you are welcome! I love Magic Elf, too.

justasachildof10mightact - you are most welcome! I wish they would release a full sized Magic Elf!!

Amber - why thank you!

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