Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

This is three coats of Zoya Gemma. It's kind of an Army, khaki green with a really swell blue iridescence.

I was really excited to try this color! I love, love, love it.

I have to say that it's not the best on me, though. Kind of doesn't work with my skin tone.

The pictures turned out and look pretty awesome, though, so that's good!

I also got several compliments on the color today. That's always fun.

I topped it with Poshe.


5 dizzy comments:

I am in loving this shade!

Oh that's a lovely color! I can already think of about 5 outfits it would go perfect with! :)

Wow, this military green is beautiful.
Here in Brazil this kind of color is very successful.
XOXO, babe, take care.

ohhhh man i want this color so bad! I have been lusting after it FOREVER! it looks really gorgeous :)

Loves Gemma! I couldn't get it to photograph nicely when I wore it last time, but yours are so lovely! :)

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