Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Rainbow Honey was kind enough to send me their new collection to review, The Yokai.  It will be launching on October 13 and for a limited time only.  Stay tuned to Rainbow Honey's site here!
 I received Kitsune, Kawako, and Oni just yesterday and was happy as could be to swatch them for you this morning.
 All swatches are shown with base coat, two coats of of polish, and a coat of top coat.  Kitsune is a golden peachy nude color with red tiny glitters, golden shimmers, and holo bits.
 I think it's really fresh and pretty.  It reminds me of beautiful golden sands or some kind of exotic bird egg shell!  The formula is on the thick side and will likely benefit from some thinner.
 If I were wearing this as a mani, I would definitely add an extra coat of top coat as well, to make the finish more smooth.
 Next is Kawako, a beautiful deep blue.
 When I saw the bottle, I thought for sure this would be my favorite.  It's dark, blue, super shimmery and glittery...what's not to love?!
 I must confess that I had some difficulty in application.  I ended up redoing my ring finger for the swatch pictures.  The first go around was very lumpy bumpy due to bits of flakies hiding in the polish.
 You can see the texture showing above.  It would for sure need extra topcoat and you do want to be careful in applying it.  Thin coats seem to help, but even still, things get a bit tricky on the second coat.
 I don't personally get the point of the flakie pieces in this particular polish as they don't seem to be apparent or visible.  Perhaps it is meant to be layered thinly over something else?  I'm just not sure.
 It's still quite pretty and I'm a big fan of the twinkling silver and blue glitters and shimmers.
 I'd like to try a thin coat of Kawako over black some time.
 Now for my head over heels favorite, Oni!
 Oni easily has my heart.  It's a blackish base with tons of yellow gold, white gold, purple, and what appears to be black glitters and shimmers.  Some of the pieces are irregular shaped, albeit very small.
 The overall effect is absolutely stunning!  I heart it so much.
 Application and formula were excellent.
 This is a polish I can see myself wearing a lot.  It's dark and brooding, regal and sparkly, and totally badazz.
I really love Rainbow Honey polishes, so a huge thanks to Dee for sending these to me!  I'm very much looking forward to wearing them soon.  :)

5 dizzy comments:

Oni looks gorgeous!

All three of these are gorgeous! I love them.

my favorite of the three is the first. Looks unique and warm, kinda like porridge or oatmeal...

O_O; these are STUNNING!! The first one really reminds me of sand too!! (But in a good way!) :D

I came so close to putting in an order just last night, and now I'm so glad I waited! I love that pretty, golden shimmer in Kitsune, along with those tiny little specks of red, and Oni is just full-on amazeballs. Oct 13th, I am THERE. ;)

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