Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 This is Finger Paints Plum Startled.  I believe I used three coats here.
 It's a beautiful deep purple with iridescent shimmer.  What is not to love?!
I wore this about a week ago.  I think I have some catching up to do!  On that note, if you did not know, I recently started a separate makeup blog, featuring makeup looks I wear on a regular basis.  I equally love nail polish and makeup.  I did not want to turn DizzyNails into a makeup and nail polish blog (no offense to those that do mix pleasures), so I've started DizzyMakeup.  Suddenly I feel very shy about you all seeing my big mug!  Take a look if you'd like, but by no means feel obligated.  :)

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I love this! What a beautiful plum polish! :)

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