Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 For this mani I started with two coats of Contrary Polish Santorini.
 Santorini is much prettier and more shimmery than my pictures let on.  It also dries matte, for what it's worth.  I added a coat of Two Birds Vel-awesome-raptor, followed by many coats of top coat.
 You might not be able to tell here, but the top coats were a total fail and gave me a zillion tiny bubbles (see on the ring finger below)!  I blame the Pro FX ultra fast dry top coat for that.  I believe I used a coat of Instant Artificials, two or three coats of Dior's top coat, then a coat of Pro FX (by that point I was amused that Dior was doing nothing to smooth the glitters, probably due to its watery texture, so I just slapped on the Pro FX hoping that its thicker texture would do the trick).  It did smooth everything, but at the cost of a million bubbles!  Truthfully, it didn't matter much since Vel-awesome-raptor's tons of tiny green and black glitters largely masked the bubbles.
You can find Contrary Polish here and Two Birds here.  Vel-awesome-rapter was generously provided to me for review purposes.  I am really enjoying Two Birds polishes and knew that I already loved Contrary Polish.  Great formula on both, and in the future I'll be sure not to mess with Dior's top coat for any polish with even the remotest amount of texture!!

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Love this! I am a nail polish-aholic having recently grown nails after a lifetime of biting. One day I hope to be able to apply it as neatly as in your photos!

Nasreen - thank you so much! Congrats on being able to grow out your nails! I, too, used to bite, many years ago. I still struggle with biting my cuticles (especially during tense movies), but doing this blog has helped me keep them mostly nice. You'll get the hang of it! Practice and good clean up make all the difference. :) Good luck!

That is such a neat combo! I love the name Vel-awesome-rapter!

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