Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 I've been feeling like wearing darker Fall colors lately, so it was only natural that I grabbed Barry M Red Black to try.  It did not disappoint!
 I used three coats here.  It was a great application and I had good wear.  I did mess something up to end up with a few bubbles within a couple nails (you can see them mostly on my pinky), but fortunately it hardly showed in real life, thus I was able to cope with it.  :)
Anyone else really feeling the vampies right now?  I'm also trying them more on my lips, too!

3 dizzy comments:

How do you paint your nails so flawlessly? Even with the most meticulous top coat application of any variety (notoriously tip-shrinking seche vite or otherwise), I ALWAYS have some nails with annoying, small areas of unevenness on the tips, and excessive bubbling. Your nails are drool-worthy! I envy them, and every post makes me more jealous!

Kate - thank you so much! :) You are sweet and the compliment means a lot to me. A lot of it is just practice and patience over the years. Using a small brush with acetone to clean up the cuticle area helps me tremendously as well. And I really do feel your pain with bubbles and top coats! Nothing drives me crazy so much. Some of it will be just trying different ones for you and seeing which is the least offensive! I hope this helps and thanks again.

I agree with Kate. Urg, bubbles and shrinking what a nightmare! Love your blog Dizzy Lauren! :)

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