Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 This polish is called Herat Breaker.  Not "Heart Breaker."  Herat Breaker.
 It's duochrome with holographic and regular glitters.
 Best I can tell, the regular glitters are green and are in two sizes:  smallish squares and medium hexes.
 I used three coats here.  Pay no attention to the stupid flesh wound on my index finger that I got from wrestling with my vacuum the other night.
 There were a few hexes on my nails, but I think they got mostly covered up.  Plus, I didn't finesse my bottle before applying it, so it's my fault really.  No worries, though, because I absolutely love it!
 It looks dark gray mostly, but then shifts to purple, blue, and green.  The shimmer is so gorgeous in real life!

 I really love the little green glitters, too.  They are just fab!
 This polish was custom created by the talented crowstoes.  She is not selling them to the public at this time, but you'll be sure to hear from me if she starts!!
 I really hope she continues to make frankens because I quite like this one!
 This last picture kind of reminds me of the Northern Lights.  I really hope I can see them in person someday!

7 dizzy comments:

This polish is absolutely stunning!

So pretty! I hope she starts selling them :)

Gorgeous polish, who makes it?!

Gottwinkies - it's made by an online friend of mine who goes by the nickname "crowstoes."

Wow!! Gorgeous!! I love love love this polish!

Love this polish it's gorgeous! Let us know if she starts to sell :)

I just got this one as well, and I have just swatched it. It is GORGEOUS. I mean, really really gorgeous. Not to take anything away from your pics-which are lovely- but honestly, it is SOOOO much more beautiful than pics can show. KWIM? I really hope she starts selling this, because I think it's a hit!!

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