Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Here's another Hare Polish.  It's called Archipelago.
 This is four coats.  I topped it off with two coats of Gelous and then a coat of Seche Vite.
 It's a dreamy deep, dusky blue jelly filled with various sizes of copper hexes.

 I think it's really cool how some of the coppers get lost in the deep.
 I think this would be nice layered over something, but I wanted to wear it alone for the full on jelly effect.
You can learn more about Hare polish here.

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i la la love hare polishes! this is such a pretty color combo.

I've loved this since I first saw it *drools* I so wish I could get my hands on it!

WOW! This is gorgeous~~~
I have tried to get some of the Hare polishes, but it seems the seller isn't in stock at the moment :(


Nice effect. I hope the drying time was on the fast side. :)

That is very nice! I luv jelly finishes!

That's great-- love how much depth there is the more layers you add!

Love your blog! You said that you topped it off with two coats of Gelous... can you tell me exactly what that product is? Thanks!

Kellie - me, too! I cannot wait for her next collection. Dying of anticipation over here!!! :)

Bailey - I hope you can get it/some soon! It's hard having to wait for Etsy shops, for sure!

Nancy - I hear you. I hope she restocks super soon so you can get some! *fingers crossed*

thepolishwell - thank you!

Rainbowify Me - you know, it was much better than I feared! I ended up doing my base, two coats of polish, and then taking a little time out for some double chocolate peppermint pancakes (YUM). That helped because the three layers on got a chance to dry pretty good or close to it. Then I added the next two coats and the three top coats after that. I figured for sure with two coats of Gelous on there that it would take years to dry, but it was dry to the touch in about 5 or 10 minutes and fully dry within about 30, I think. Totally do-able! :)

Jossie - thanks, me too!

Lindsey R - thank you! I was worried it would look too thick, but I think I did okay in the end. A few people did ask if I had gel nails or things along those lines, but I assured them that it was just regular polish and top coats. :/ In any case, I loved the depth, as well. :)

Anonymous - thank you so much! Gelous is a "gel coat" clear type treatment/strengthening product that is found at Sally Beauty Supply. It's their own house brand, I believe. It comes in a clear, frosted sort of bottle with green cap and green lettering on the bottle. A lot of folks will use it as a strengthening base coat (I don't prefer it for that for myself) and/or as a leveling, smoothing top coat before another quick-drying top coat. Gelous does a great job at keep glitters smooth and shiny. It is a bit slow drying on its own, though! I recommend trying it over your favorite mega glitter mani, and then finishing off everything with another quick-drying top coat. I used two coats of Gelous on this particular manicure because the hex glitters were rather bumpy in places and I knew I need extra smoothing help. :)

very nice. i love how the dark navy jelly gives this polish so much depth, its like the glitters are swimming in a dark blue ocean (:

I love this polish! It looks great on you!

how are you able to purchase hare polish when they are in out of stock on etsy?

Miss - I purchased all of my Hare polishes a while ago. My collection is pretty big, and I don't tend to swatch all that often, so it takes me a while to try and wear everything!

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