Are you dizzy with excitement about nail polish?

 Oh, Nebula!  Let me count the ways I love you!
 You are purple, you are jelly, you are sparkly, you are glittery, you are colorful, you have holo glitters, you are easy to apply, you have a space-related name...
 This is another NerdLacquer swatch.  I used two coats and finished with top coat.
 You can see that when the bright light hits it, it becomes almost red.  Yet in other light it looks very deep, like almost blackened plum.
 The glitter in this one is just too cool.  I think there is just about every color in the galaxy in that bottle!
 This is instant love.
It looks like Amanda's shop will be reopening very soon - hopefully in the next day or so!!!  Get excited!!!  You can visit her Etsy shop here.  Also, if anyone is wondering, I have zero affiliation with NerdLacquer.  I'm just a huge, huge fan.  :)

10 dizzy comments:

This is definitely #1 on my Nerd Lacquer wishlist.

I've seen so many Nerd Lacquers i want but can't really justify the price :/

Madeline - a great choice, for sure! I hope you can get it soon. :)

Kattatonic Fierceology - ah, that's understandable. I'm a total glitter junkie and I adore these polishes so much...they are completely worth it to me (obviously), but I respect that they might be too much for you and others. There are plenty of pretty polishes out there for cheaper, thankfully. :)

I swear every time you post, my polish wishlist gets longer & longer! Hehe. The polish looks great on your nails!

This is insanely pretty, as most of the Nerd Lacquer colors are. It's gorgeous.

Ohh, this is so pretty! In a way, it reminds me of OPI's Merry Midnight, but I like this a lot more!

Gah, I hope so...I love her polishes! This polish Rocks...

this is really nice!:D

That's just so vampy and sparkly and... perfect!

wow! love it!

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